Recognition as a non-financial reward is often regarded as

Recognition as a non-financial reward is often regarded as a special form of noticing and acknowledging something done exceptionally. The most often used form of and how to identify is by nominating the individual to receive the Recognition reward by either giving award or other forms of non-financial rewarding system because it has no standard way of giving reward. Hence, the hospitality industry should as well implement if not implemented and if appropriate to use so as to motivate its employees using recognition or other non-financial rewards, because it’s as well beneficial to the industry because it helps to boost employees morale to work better and more effectively, provides a conducive atmosphere to work , enhances loyalty, increases the organizational values, mission and enhances retention and more importantly enhances high job performance from the employee to delivering superior quality service.1

2.7 Delivering Superior Quality Service

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The hospitality industry is increasingly highly competitive based on the quality of service delivered.2 Research on quality service by other researchers agreed that only customers can rate quality of service rendered. Quality service from the customer’s perspective is often regarded as the evaluation of customers expectation on the services rendered.3

Quality service is not immovable aim but a movable aim, customer satisfaction is the objective of any business such as the hospitality industry because rendering quality service has a highly competitive advantage. The quality of service is determined by a customer’s experience of services offered to him or her and as well the interaction with the employee. To say a service delivered is of quality cannot be done only by perspective but as emotionally and effective factors needs to be considered of the customer by the employee 4 hence the hospitability industry should as try and motivate there employee based on their performance so as to deliver quality service to customers. Service quality according to Parasuraman et al (1985) is the attitude about how a service delivered is superior.5

The basics of quality service management have primarily originated from two multidimensional models: SERVQUAL, a North American school of thought 6 and Nordic European model.7 They both postulated that quality service must be properly managed. The SERVQUAL model regards service quality as the breach that occurs between customer’s expectation and perceived performance, the higher the performance the greater the service quality rendered. In relation to this study delivering service quality in the hospitality industry from the employee is correlated to employee motivation. When an employee is motivated either financial rewards or non-financial rewards based on their job performance it will gear the employees to perform more and make the customers to rate services rendered as quality based on the customer experience that is because of the delivered services.8

2.8 Hospitality Industry

The role of services in the hospitality industry is increasingly competitive making the Middle Eastern countries such as North Cyprus to invest more in the sector. The Hospitality industry seemingly and fairly rated with industry delivering quality service having several segment such as tourism, hotels, travel agents but for this study is basically on the hotel.  171 hotels situated in North Cyprus according to the memorandum of ownership status of hotels and other accommodation facilities in the occupied part of the republic of Cyprus, with Merit Hotel and Casino as one of the five-star hotel, founded 1988 providing services matching world class hotel management.9

Hospitality employees mostly seek job that are “fair, fun, interesting and vital”10. The management if they want to motivate their employees they should try to know what the worker is seeking for in the job so to know how to motivate the worker and have mutual understanding consistently, motivate using fair rewarding system, respect to be reciprocal and as well recognition will enable and motivate the employee to perform more effectively and efficient.11

The hotel management should as well recruit enough employees to reduce work burden and stress to their employees, to as well have mutual relationship with their employees, can nominate employee of the month and should have a flexible leadership style and as well pay employee wages or salaries on time. However, if the strategies as listed by the management appropriately managed and implemented will trigger the employee and motivate them to deliver superior quality service.12

2.9 Delivering Quality Service in the Hospitality Industry

Delivering superior quality service in the hospitality industry is very crucial as the industry is highly competitive.13 Service with its intangibility is an individual perspective or experience about something done.14 Services delivered are most often times intangible, accomplishments, they are created and  been used up in real time suggested that there are two forms to see service there is the technical quality seen as what customers established in resulting to interacting with service delivered while functional quality is the assessment of how the service is delivered to the customer.15 The employee’s capability to meet the wants and expectation of the customer by delivering quality service especially in the hospitality industry is crucial because it leads to loyalty of the customer. The hospitality industry must make sure in delivering superior quality service should ensure have coached and empower their employee to becoming competent in delivering its services, easily accessible, using modern technology, the industry should be able to have several medium of delivering service to their customers because customers’ expectations can be different and efficient and effective delivering of superior quality service from the employee is in connection to them been motivated or not but if the motivation  principles such as financial and non-financial rewards are implemented it can be more beneficial to the industry because it will be more profitable and be outstanding as superior service provider.16