Professionalism standards of their profession. Professionalism is defined by

starts with respect at its finest. Professionalism includes respect for
customers, associates and for the organization. The professionals take pride in
what they do by working well with others and understanding the standards of
their profession. Professionalism is defined by setting boundaries in the workplace,
to keep it professional refrain from bringing personal issues in the work
environment.  A professional has a
commitment to the employer as well as the customer to provide great customer
service. There are times when employees may not enjoy their jobs, but they will
apply themselves to get the job done. As a professional you should keep your
feelings in control and show respect to people that are disrespectful and
rude.  A well-trained client service
professional does not disagree with a client they usually listen and try to adhere
to the customer’s needs.

 In the workplace listening skills are
essential, it helps an associate pay attention to the concerns a consumer may
have. This skill is a very integral part of customer satisfaction and problem
resolution. Small businesses rely on listening and communication to enhance the
consumers buying experience. Listening is the ability to collect and relay
messages in the communication model. Listening is key to having a successful business
and satisfied customers.

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listening is a technique incorporating various listing strategies, giving the
customer feedback.  Being a good lister
can help you see the problem through the eyes of the consumer. To be a good
active listener in the workplace there are two components for success attention
and reflection. Attentive listening includes eye contact, posture, facial expressions,
gestures, and genuine interest in what the person is saying, don’t answer until
you have all the knowledge. People think listening is the same as hearing, but
it’s not. Hearing is the process, function or power of perceiving sounds. Listening
means focusing on not only the person, but the actions surrounding the issue. Effective
listening allows others to retain data by showing interest, listening and
providing responses to individual parties in the communication exchange.


aspect of professionalism is exhibited by the soft skills an individual
possesses. The characteristics that identify soft skills can be your sense of
humor, comprehension, inspiration, patience, positivity, and or ability to work
well with a team. As a professional these are great qualities to have. A
positive attitude in the company can assist you whether you are an owner, a
worker or supervising others within a company environment. Having
communication, you should know how to talk to your superiors, peers, and
subordinates. While working at the organization where I was employed I was told
by the boss that she wanted me to be a party host. After researching this
topic, I realized I was given this task because of my soft skills. Part of my
soft skills included my smile and the fact that I never complained when asked
to do a task. Being a party host, you work with children and parents. The
supervisor wanted a positive person around the area, so the organization could grow.
I also enjoyed working with children so that really enhanced my ability to
always stay positive and joyful.