Professionalism constant interest in improving the profession and support

is the attitude, conduct, standards and views that characterize a profession.
It is highly emphasized that professionalism is not only about the ethical
ability of person  but also having the
right attitude which give benefits to society and human. In addition, the key
elements of Engineer being identified as professional are possess specialized
engineering knowledge and skills, honest and impartial in performing jobs, have
constant interest in improving the profession and support societies that
represent the engineering profession. The manifestation of professionalism
among the engineers occurs through their interactions with other segments of
the society, which can be viewed essentially as an exercise in group dynamics.
In this regard, the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) is ideally
constituted to serve this purpose in Malaysia.

Institution of
Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) is one the two prominent engineering professional
societies in Malaysia. The other one is the Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM).
They are engineering professional societies which function as professional
organizations that represent the engineers in the society. Their common purpose
is to express the opinions of engineers in various aspects throughout their
practice. The institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) was established in 1959 and
its primary function is to promote an advance the science and profession of
engineering and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related to
engineering. The leading committee of IEM are known as the Council. The affairs
of the Council are carried out by the Executive Committee which including the
President, Deputy President, seven Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary,
Honorary Treasurer and five members elected from the Council.

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The functions of
the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) to promote professionalism are
discuss. The IEM can organizing many courses, seminars, talks and visits, which
are of interest to the engineering profession as well as to the development and
well-being of engineers. It is involves a technical and non-technical
perspectives. Firstly, the Engineering Week are seems suitable to be conduct
for IEM as to promote professionalism. Engineering Week is a one-week programme
which it can promotes and covers the professionalism and also all the aspects
like the challenges, the exciting working environment and wide career options
available to the engineers. In addition, the society will get a chance to
understand and appreciate the versatility of the engineering profession in
providing them with a high standard of living through the activities organized
during Engineering Week. For example, Engineering Invention and Innovation Expo
(EINIX) are to promote the Engineering Profession to the public by exhibiting
the creative inventions and innovative products from the undergraduate in local

IEM is also
organizing community services projects. The activities enhance the interactions
among the members, senior and junior. This is one of way for IEM members to
network, socialise and get more exposure about the outside world. In the same
time, the members can meet all the engineers that comes from variety of
disciplines, sectors, levels and age. If the activities are not only focused to
Malaysia but all around the world, it can developing a wider outlook, sharpen
the communication and social skills as well.

Then, IEM also
can do an Educational and Social Activities such as in-house technical and
management talks, conferences or seminars either in or outside the country are conducted
for IEM Members at nominal and affordable charges. Such as technical visit are
conducted for members to site visit at sites project and factories, by that,
members can observe first-hand engineering applications.

publications and library method, IEM also can promotes the professionalism. For
library idea, the IEM library will full with e-books, e-journals, books and
magazines available with vary topics like engineering, management and
self-improvement. Then for publications