Presenter sparring against the cultural silencing of society. Movements

Presenter Notes:Slide 1  Thank you so much for having me here today. It’s always exciting for me in New York City, and to be in such a wonderful community here at Barnard College. I’ve been to campus’ all around the world, and I find one thing that really strikes out is young women not being able to find their voice. So I’m here today to help you BREAK FREE and SPEAK FREE, and to express yourself with authority and POWER.   Slide 2  Young women now are just like young women before, living in constant cultural pressure; patriarchy imprisoning the flourishment of young women. Yet, you are the most influential generation of women, retaliating, sparring against the cultural silencing of society. Movements like METOO have kindled the flame that which burns bright. Young women like you have the power to change everything, but your voice must be STRONG. Do not suppress yourself into the noxious speech patterns that Patriarchy constructs. Let your voice be heard with clarity, not obscurity.   Slide 3 Your voice is your image. The moment you walk in a conference room, the moment you introduce yourself; your voice is your first impression. Plaguing speech patterns such as vocal fry and up-talk harm your image. How would you feel when speaking to someone who tries to sound “sexy” like Britney Spears? The second you use these dreadful speech patterns, your voice drastically loses the power and boldness it possesses. Young independent women like you need to steer clear from the same speech patterns that hyper-sexualize your image. Your voice reflects who YOU are; talking like Britney makes your image LOOK like Britney. Would the man giving your job interview want to hire someone who speaks like Britney Spears?  Slide 4 Vocal fry is the deep, lazy, croaking of the throat, like that valley girl who can’t stop mindlessly chattering about her selfies. Speaking in Vocal Fry is like thick nails screeching off the chalkboard. Studies show that more than two-thirds of female college students use vocal fry. These young women are FOLLOWING the likes of celebrities. Don’t be sheeple, mindlessly mimicking the toxic speech patterns of these “role models”. If Britney wears hypersexualized attire, young women follow. If Kim Kardashian dyes her hair pink, young women also dye their hair. If celebrities speak in this lazy, sarcastic vocal fry, then young women also begin to speak vocal fry. Don’t let these celebrities spread this linguistic parasite. I myself cringe upon the deep vibrations that flood my ears. Extensive studies have shown that using vocal fry decays the success of young women in the workforce. Young women speak vocal fry because they think it’s sexy. Vocal Fry creates a “bimbo” image for young women. It’s a sign of loads of insecurity, loads of laziness and loads of scorn. Slide 5 How would you feel if I spoke every sentence as if I was asking a question? Annoying right? Up-talk creates a sense of uncertainty from the speaker, in attempts to “keep the floor”. I talked to a female twentysomething studying in the male-dominant field of electrical engineering; she felt that up-talk was ruining her image.           -Read(Quotation)-Sometimes young women know that up-talk damages their image. Like a disease, up-talk is something that should be cured; the sooner the better. After listening to her story, I recommended getting voice training. After 6 months, she was the first in her class to receive a job offer, and her career took off. Slide 6  Always ending your sentences with a question mark looms uncertainty in the conversation. The irritating “high school cheerleader” voice from an adult woman shatters their image. In a field dominated by men, speaking in up-talk is a cardinal sin. In an extensive study, 85% of male or female bosses believe up-talk is a clear indicator of a person’s insecurity and emotional weakness. Speaking up-talk gives a subservient image, as if you were to defer to your male counterparts.    Slide 7 In conversations, we use like to fill the gaps where we need time to think. Think of similar to the word “um”. There comes to a certain degree when speaking, especially women, where like is used to create blank emphasis, words with no meaning. I talked to a male professor who found it difficult to concentrate with the “Like plague”.-Read(Quotation)-Women who are part of the “like” epidemic sound like mindless parrots, spitting out terms in which have no meaning and require no thought.     Slide 8  Language is power, power to express feels, power to communicate ideas. You, the new young female generation have the power and the ideas, but you need to right VOICE to express them. Whether speaking to your professor, your boss or to the thousands, your register must be clear. Don’t let the enslaving speech patterns hold you back. Don’t follow Britney spears; make you own path, your own voice, and express your own ideas.     Slide 9    Thank you so much for listening today; you are the leaders of tomorrow; don’t let these linguistic patterns hold you back, break free.