Personally, have occurred throughout Earth’s history. I hope to

Personally, I realized I hope to protect people from natural disasters. It began with the frequent road trips to forest reserves in Malaysia with my active family. However, one trip stood out. While we went through this majestic arch on Langkawi Island, I felt incredibly proud that I could use what my Geography classes in lower secondary taught me to deduce how it was formed, that is, by prolonged erosion. Subsequently, my interest in Earth Science piqued so I tried identifying the type of rocks in my collection and I am still discovering them one by one. I was also prompted to read “Why Geology Matters” partly because geography and geology were not taught in my upper secondary and college coursework. Starting to understand the processes that shaped earth fascinates me as their grandeur belittles us who have only existed for a tiny fraction of Earth’s 4.5 billion years. Studying Earth makes sense since she still has so much left undiscovered that I think, can help further studies on plate tectonics and past geological record for indicators that might aid in more accurate predictions of geohazards especially earthquakes and volcanoes, along with potential catastrophes like tsunamis that may be triggered by them. Thus, thousands or even millions of lives can be saved, minimising damages due to disasters like the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that hit near where I live. Knowing this made me see geology in a new light, I realized I wanted to study it.I joined the Environment Club in college since the environmental issues, such as the acidification of the oceans, which were discussed with members are closely related to Earth Science. After becoming Vice President, I learned to work with the committee members to plan activities like making garbage enzymes and screening of documentaries like “Before the flood” which will prepare me for researching and doing fieldwork as a team with other professionals. The latter activity exposed me to the detrimental effects of our rapidly changing climate, so I read “The Two-Mile Time Machine” to gain an in-depth knowledge on this issue. It revealed that our climate is predominantly governed by Earth’s systems and many drastic climate shifts have occurred throughout Earth’s history. I hope to study the causes and effects of these events through geological models, records stored in ice cores, rocks and more; while monitoring the changes on Earth to mitigate effects of the issue to humans and hopefully the issue itself.Geology is one of the subjects where the sciences converge, which aligned with my interest in all the core sciences, so I took them in college. They laid the basis for my geology career as the practical aspects of A-levels disciplined me in data analysis and collection, which are vital as a researching geologist. Biology, Chemistry and Physics helped me to understand the taxonomic classification of fossils, isotopic dating and waves relating to earthquakes respectively. These topics intrigued me, so to further understand them, I am self-studying more through I am also learning how to code and construct 3D models on Codeacademy and Cousera online, so I can get a head start in geological modelling as an aspiring Earth Scientist.Now in my gap year, through the commitments of a desk-bound, telemarketing job, I realized how much I wanted a career out in the field, and contribute more to the world. Geology could not be more fitting. “The Practical Geologist” introduced me to basic fieldwork and mapping which are essential for geologists. Additionally, I did some simple mapping myself while channelling my artistic dexterity into my works, it was interesting and was exactly what I wanted to do. I wish to map out the topography of other countries, including the UK that is home to lovely landscapes, diverse communities and where I ultimately want to hone my skills and knowledge in geology to map out risks, to reduce casualties potential geohazards may cause.