Personal the necessity of a global perspective on today’s

Personal Statement

NYU London is my top choice for studying away in Fall 2018. The first three semesters at NYU Shanghai have made me realize the necessity of a global perspective on today’s society and I’m eager to see more of the world. London is a glamorous city with rich history and has attracted me since I was a little girl. Besides realizing the childhood dream, I consider going to London as a rare chance to explore and improve myself in multiple ways.

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NYU London offers business courses that will fulfill my major requirements that are crucial for any business student, as they will serve as the foundation of future studies so going to London will no doubt benefit me academically. Furthermore, it has courses in other fields that I’m interested in, like fashion, arts and psychology. As is known to all, London has been a center of arts and fashion, so the city itself will be the perfect classroom. I am willing to explore more in these fields and build connections with what I have learned so far. As I am pursuing marketing major, I believe taking these courses in London will help me develop a clearer understanding of different types of markets thus leading to the decision of a more focused future career path. All in all, the courses and the overall environment in London will greatly help me work towards both my academic and professional goals so I would like the chance to go to London to realize these goals and make the most use of the NYU global system.

As for New York, the charm of the city goes without saying. However, the biggest attraction for me is the academic possibilities there. Compared to other study away sites, NYU New York offers the widest choice of marketing courses. As I am going through the course list, I see some of the courses that I’m interested in are exclusively offered in New York so going there would make more options available to me. For example, I’m particularly interested in the multidisciplinary courses that will provide a more comprehensive insight of business, like how marketing interacts with other industries. In addition to that, as NYU New York is the largest campus with the longest history, going to New York would enable me to connect with more alumni. Building this kind of connection will have a profound impact on my future professional life.

             NYU Madrid is my third choice. It has a few fundamental business courses that will fulfill my major requirement. These courses are crucial for my future studies so taking them will have a positive impact on my academics. One other main reason for this choice is that I am planning to pick up a new language and Spanish is the top choice. Going to Madrid and studying away there for a semester would be a great opportunity for me to get immersed in the environment thus improving my Spanish learning.