People you have in your head was not built

People of color in America have been disenfranchised in multiple ways when it comes to their rights and livelihood as citizens in America. Subsequently, the political system has contributed to the many stereotypes that have been infringed or imposed on individuals of color in American history causing a disproportionate amount of African Americans in the prison system that ultimately affects lives of children and families.The 13th Amendment was affirmed by Congress on December 6, 1865 which abolished slavery and set slaves free. From that day forward people of color’s rights were oppressed as they tried to progress in American society by eliminating discrimination against their race and employment opportunities. The menaces that withheld people of color from advancing in society were the politicians and media, working together to make sure people of color’s appearance was parallel to that of a criminal. For example, “the idea you have in your head was not built by you per se…but passed down from generation to generation…the very ideas we hold in our head are for someone’s profit and political gain” (Williams, 2016 ). This evidence justifies how politicians have portrayed a negative characterization for people of color by stereotyping people of color as criminals. This persuades them to believe they are criminals. Then leads into a mass incarceration of African Americans who are falsely accused of being criminals because they are fighting for their rights. People of color are seen as a threat towards the federal government because they are trying to shine light upon the oppression of their race but in return their movements were stopped by the government For instance, “…part of what Nixon talked about was a war on crime, but that was one of those code words we might call dog whistle politics which was really referring to was black political movements of the day like Black Power, Black Panthers…” (Ava DuVernay, 2016). Based on the knowledge I gathered from the the Documentary 13th by Ava DuVernay I can infer that the “war” specifically targeted people of color by stereotyping them as a criminal even though they are standing for something very important to their race. For these reasons stated this is why people of color were deprived of their freedom due to being stereotyped so ignorantly based off the color of their skin. Politicians played a huge role in incarceration of people of color through their higher power and double-dealing ways. These politicians strategically produced a perfect solution to incarcerate people of color by secretly making a system that would guarantee a targeted group of people would be imprisoned “For example, The Southern Strategy is unmasked as a political calculation that decimated black neighborhoods” (Williams, 2016). According to the text, politicians intentionally targeted people of color but the whole scheme was disguised in which they were trying to fight crime but it was actually the people of color they were trying to fight (imprison). This scheme led to the incarceration numbers to drastically increase as more and more people of color entered the jail systems to be maintained  by the government On page 1 it stated, “the film makes the case that the American criminal justice system really serves as a strategy to control black people” (Martin, 2016). From what I read in the text, I can understand that the politicians objective was to control the African American race through mass incarceration in essence, slavery by another name. Hence, this is how the political system deprived power and freedom from people of color and marginalized them as criminals. This is how politicians infringed the law for vengeance on people of color. They wanted to punish all the people of color for resisting such as, having protests and  creating civil rights groups to go against the corrupt politicians. Mass incarceration has had an enormous impact on people of color’s  families during this time period. This affects children’s development without a role-model to exhibit appropriate behavior. Also when a family member gets incarcerated it results in a member of their family to make a sacrifice to support the family such as prostitution, selling drugs, and plundering. Mass incarceration also restrains a person of color from living freely because they are stuck with the burden of calling and visiting someone they know in prison For example, ” asking someone, what are you doing this weekend ? Oh, I’m going to see my father…he’s locked up” (Williams, 2016). This evidence proves that having a loved one who is incarcerated can hold you back from doing other activities. Some family members are expected to make a visit or put money on their commissary which will be money out their pockets and it will affect them. Children are highly impacted when a family member is incarcerated. The children’s grades will plunge as they lose motivation to succeed along with their behavior. They will get involved in a gang to commit crimes to reunite with their loved one someday to feel that bond they lost.Furthermore, even though people of color have been disenfranchised in the past it never stopped them from fighting for justice and their rights. Abusing political power to target people of color while breaking the law is extremely wrong and apathetic of any person no matter their status and power. Hating people because of their color is inappropriate no matter what color does it. Also, all the ignorant stereotypes people of color have been labeled due to the color of their skin makes them prove the world wrong and aim ever higher by breaking those stereotypes. The cycle of mass incarceration must be broken by our millennials after their experience of having a family member incarcerated. It will persuade them to  want to be there for their children and walk the right path in life. Will you break the cycle of mass incarceration ?