Peculium machine learning that aims to maximize profits and


is a decentralized savings platform built on
machine learning that aims to maximize profits and savings.  It aims to help its users overcome the risks
of today’s investments industry. Peculim is the first Crypto-Savings platform that combines
traditional savings, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and artificial
intelligence. It allows one to invest and grow
traditional savings in cryptocurrency based
projects and operates transparently over the Ethereum
blockchain by means of “smart contracts”

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Peculium – what they do

The company provides the monitoring and management of
cryptocurrency assets for users. With the platform’s advanced risk management
algorithms, users are able to minimize their risks substantially while growing
their portfolio at the same time. The platform gets its name from a lattin word
‘pecul’ which loosely translates to “a sum of money saved for
the future”

platform seamlessly integrates the power of Automated Machine Learning and
Artificial Intelligence (AML-AI), Blockchain Technology (Ethereum), and the
economics of traditional savings and cryptocurrency markets.

Features and benefits of the

you are looking for a platform that values transparency, peculium is your
choice, the peculium platform is powered by the blockchain technology. A
blockchain is a form of digital ledger, which is used to log all transactions.
The blocks in the blockchain are analogous to the pages of the ledger. These
blocks are linked by secured cryptographic functions, which make ledger
immutable. A blockchain is stored over the network in a decentralized fashion.
Simultaneous and synchronized existence of multiple copies of the blockchain
avoids a single point of failure. Furthermore, the transactions over the
blockchain can be verified by anyone, making the blockchain technology an
ideal, uniquely democratized vehicle for a completely transparent and trusted

Peculium provides the best risk benefit ratio, a factor that makes it
stand out among others. This platform secures ones tokens in electronic wallets which are supervised by the
blockchain -a network governed by computer algorithms. This is enabled by peculiums
own intelligent network called AIEVE. 

AIEVE is Peculium’s own
Artificial Intelligence engine powered by Automated Machine Learning (AML). It
gathers data from cryptocurrency exchanges, financial markets, and many other sources
like social media including twitter, facebook, etc. AIEVE analyzes these
massive data-streams in almost real time speeds to predict the best investment
opportunities in cryptocurrency markets and ICOs.

The strength of AIEVE lies in its AML
algorithms and massive computational power. It utilizes these elements to
process the aforementioned data and analyze the targeted markets, adapting and
optimizing its decisions with every new bit of information in a way no human

Another strength of AIEVE is that its analytical
prowess, adaptability, and optimization are limitless. Thanks to the unending
data streams in today’s digital world, AIEVE keeps learning and improving with
each passing moment!

offers state of the art asset management solutions with predefined terms in the
form of a smart contracts. In Peculium, customers invest in the solution of
their affinity which activates corresponding smart-contracts. Its financial
advisor AI?VE takes trading positions in the crypto-markets providing the best
risk-benefit ratio. At the end of the predefined contract period, the
smart-contract automatically returns a predefined portion of gains to the
investor. Benefiting from the bleeding edge technology in artificial
intelligence and the blockchain, peculium provides an ideal platform for the
investment of your savings.