Patient anxiety; and involvement of family and friends.4 Since

Patient satisfaction is an attitude of a person’s
general orientation towards a total experience of health care.1 Patient satisfaction is only an indirect or a proxy
indicator of the quality of doctor or hospital performance.2,3 Patient satisfaction identifies the following
dimensions compassion, empathy and responsiveness to needs, values and
expressed preferences; co-ordination and integration; information,
communication and education; physical comfort; emotional support, relieving
fear and anxiety; and involvement of family and friends.4

 Since early nineties
Healthcare delivery system had seen movements towards continuous quality
improvement.5 Healthcare system thus incorporate patient centered
care, for incorporating patient perception into quality assessment, as a major
component in the healthcare mission.6 As physicians and health
administrators increasingly incorporate patients perspectives into health care,
patient satisfaction has become a significant health care outcome.6

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            It is known
fact that poor patient satisfaction leads to poor adherence to treatment with
consequently poor health outcomes.  In
order to improve the quality of care perceived by the patient and thereby the
health outcome, it is important to understand factors which influences patient
satisfaction.7  Satisfaction can be influenced by patient expectation 8, age 9,
illness 10, previous experience , choice for health provider, doctor
patient relationship,11 gender and ethnicity. 12
Therefore, feedback from patients is vital if deficiencies are to be identified
and improvements achieved. Patients make judgments about quality by assessing
factors they can appraise. 13

The present study aimed at to assess the patient
satisfaction in the outpatient department of rural and urban health training centre, Department of
Community Medicine, VCSGGMS, Uttarakhand, north India.