p to tell her now this feeling of mine

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Every day is full of regret,
as everyday is an opportunity that I didn’t take because of lack of
confidence and courage.

I know that it’s okay now to
tell her that I really like her, but also it makes me overthink about
the consequences. My heart says yes, however my mind says no just
like what they say in the movie and I think it is true, especially
when you love somebody.

It’s always hard to tell the
truth if you truly love someone.

I already changed myself and
promised that I will always have the confidence and courage to tell
her about my feelings. The first time I did that was one of the
greatest decisions that I made because it turned out that I could be
a friend of her.

But now, I don’t know what
to do. Every time I talk to her have been an opportunity for me to
tell her about my feelings. And yet, I always over think about how
she will react to this.

Before I chat her, I always
type my confession for her, but I never send it to her. My finger
doesn’t want me to tap that send button so that all of this is over
now. I also tried to talk to her in person about this feeling inside
me but my mouth doesn’t want to.

I asked my friend for advice
on how I can tell her the truth. They all told me to just tell her
this in front of her so that she will know how I really meant. They
also told me to tell her now this feeling of mine before someone
else’s does. If you have the opportunity then go take it just don’t
let the result affect you.

Meanwhile, at school, I saw
her with some of her friends and overheard what they are talking.
They are teasing her with someone and what happened to them.

My biggest fear has come, one
of her friends confessed to her about his feelings and it turned out
that they both like each other.

At first, I didn’t believe
those teasing, but as time goes by I discovered that it is true.

I don’t know what to do, I
had thousands of opportunities to tell her, but now it’s all gone
in just a blink of an eye. My lack of confidence just resulted
something that I will never forget. The one I love is now with

If only I had the courage to
tell her how beautiful she is, how she makes me special and how I
really love her, then my life should be better now with her.

Regret is what I felt that
time. Hoping that all of these are just a dream that any time I could
wake up and she’s still single. Or if I could just time travel and
confess to her everything before someone else’s does.

I can’t sleep at that time
thinking, if all of this is really true.

I should just take the chance
when I had it.