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A democratic government can prohibit public from publishing or view any erotica pictures, videos or websites if  It is one of the justified reason to make a better society. I think to legalize pornography will have a negative impact on people and that will cause many of disorders behaviors in the community. On the other hand, watching pornography is more like a choice and it doesn’t have to be watched if it is legalized but the teenagers or the kids will have problems to know if it is bad for them and they are the group that will shape the society in the future. In a country such as the United States where there are a freedom speech and media, it would be uncivilized behavior. People now can have the access to the pornography even though if the government prohibits it because of the Internet. The internet now accesses the people by the network with the world, and the government cannot control it. 
Pornography is part that relates to sexuality. It has a power that makes human full of energy and freedom without self-control and responsibility it can devastate people living in a vast way. For example, addictions, violence, rape, bad relationships, crimes and privacy abuse.Many of the bad impacts that can happen to a society and that make pornography is not an appropriate right for people. It is important for people to know whether is good or bad this decision for better outcomes to the public. 
Frequent pornography utilization can direct people to a wrong way which control their brains and lead to extreme emotional pain and depression. Finally, Extensive accessibility of pornography has many disadvantages for the society and especially for the group of teenagers because that’s will increase harassment, violence, and sexual abuse

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