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Laws and regulations can be set in the country by the government related to the hunting of animals. For example, if hunters hunt animals illegally, they will need to be sent to jail for a certain number of years. Government often has a conservation area where hunting is not completely not allowed in order to protect flora and faunas.
    Citizens can pay attention to what products they are using currently and prevent using products made of flora and faunas. People can prevent using products made of palm tree oil. If they cannot get away from products made from palm tree oils, they can check the product to make sure that the oils are harvested in a sustainable manner.
    If you are travelling to foreign countries and the country sells a lot of products made from endangered species, avoid buying them. If the numbers of sales increase on the products made from endangered species, this will encourage the hunters to hunt more to get money. This leads to animals extinction.
    As a person living in the city, you can help by eating less meat. If one person eat less meat, there will be no change. However, if the whole city of people eat less meat, there will be a major change in the production of meat and this makes the company that sells meat to stop producing meat, making the percentage of extinction of animals decrease.
    Other than that, people can form organisations that encourage people to save the endangered species. Social media nowadays can influence people a lot and this can be the effective way to tell people about the endangered species. People can either sign petitions which help to raise awareness of the issue or take action, join the organisation and take a bigger step in preventing the hunting of endangered species. Talking to people around you can also make a change. Education can be powerful when it comes to social change.
   Nevertheless, always contact the police if you see people hurting or hunting animals. Try not to make an exotic animal your pet even if some countries agree you to do so. This encourages the trade and sale of wild animals.
    Government can also stop circuses to stop performing to entertain people. For a cheaper price, circuses always purchase poached animals to avoid taxes. Animals are always living in a harsh environment, trained to perform and all the actions taken by the trainers are damaging their physical and mental wellbeing. Laws and regulations can be used to limit the number of wild animals owned by circuses and ensure that each animal has the appropriate documentation.
    Lastly, if humans do not take action to start protecting animals now, the ecosystem will soon be imbalanced and this will also affect the life of ours. Take a step and lead the animals back to the peaceful world where they used to live in, where hunting does not exist.

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