OVERVIEWLife be overlooked but not that of a healthy

OVERVIEWLife becomes meaningless in the absence of a good health. There are factors in life that can be overlooked but not that of a healthy living. Health itself is the symbol of human existence. This is the ability for individuals to adapt and tolerate in an existential environment. It is the physical, psychological and mental coexistence of nature. A healthy lifestyle is a determinant factor and the act of living that helps eliminate the issues regarding death and risk of being sick. We must always endeavor to achieve great and health lifestyle.Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential in our everyday existence. Living a healthy life involves eating well cooked meal with vitamins and fruits which essential and building the body’s immune system which in turn helps to fight deadly and unwanted germs and diseases. Also regular exercises and keeping fit helps to keep the body energetic which transforms in an individual’s outlook and performance.What is health? Health is the general well being of an individual, a right to exist and breath. It is the most important part of existence itself.  Good health is the absence of disease and sickness and to exist is to be free of such. Health plays a vital role in being proactive in life. In the absence of good health and keeping fit, one can be said to obsolete and prone to diseases. The classifications of health which are important and should be concentrated on are as follows:• The mental Health: This involves the practice of growth, life expectancies and learning to adapt and live under any condition.• Emotional health:  This ability to be in charge of your emotions, to be able to interact and comfortably take decisions. There are other classifications that are based on norms and beliefs. Like the spiritual health and social health.  Apart from eating good food, keeping fit is the biggest part of maintaining a healthy life. Regular exercise and fitness training helps accelerate the functions of the vitamins we ingest into our system. Also sleeping and proper rest when due helps in ascertaining a fully healthy life. An unhealthy person achieves less and makes errors, stays distracted always and is never objective.An estimate of 50% of individuals ignore the concept of regular check up,  resulting to unhealthy living like obesity, heart diseases, fibroid and other well known health related issues. GUIDE TO STAYING HEALTHYIn the modern age, there are gadgets and devices that contribute to staying healthy and having a health plan. A few of these devices are discussed briefly below.TECHNOLOGIES THAT AID IN STAYING HEALTHY AND FITThere are modern technologies that help monitor health for people that are too busy to check up on their health. They are worn on the body and can monitor heart beat rates, stroke, sugar level, steps for keeping fit and blood pressure.It is important to check up on one’s health regularly. It helps in planning a particular diet that will benefit desired health and also for a well planned vitamins and fruit intake.Below are a few technological gadgets that aid good health:SLEEPBENEFITS OF SLEEP Recently, it has been found that sleep is the most important form of keeping a healthy brain activity. It has that reset to the outward look and the appearance of any individual.  To monitor sleep, the device used to check how deep and well rested we sleep is called the sleep tracker. Sleep tracker: Sleep tracker checks how long and how deep we sleep. Of course we all know that how well rested and relieved we are depends on how much sleep time we have. This device helps us to find out how and when we should find solace in sleep based on our individual differences and daily activities. Most of devices come in smart watches and smart phone application respectively.THE SPORT ACTIVITY AND KEEPING FIT TRACKING DEVICEBENEFITSAndroid devices and some basic smart phones by default come with an inbuilt tracking device app to monitor steps taken, whether running, walking or even dancing. These readings helps to identify the most effective way to stay and in shape and healthy. They also come in wristwatches and smart phone apps.VEGETABLES AND FRUITSConsuming vegetables and fruits are very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. Vitamins Consumption provides the body basic nutrients which enhances and nourishes blood and provides immune boosters for the body which it uses to fight germs. It protects the body from diseases like obesity, fibroid, diabetes and a whole lot of disease caused by the lack of vital nutrients in the body.Vegetables and fruit should be added in our daily meals. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, there should be an amount of vegetables and fruits amongst these meals.Eating Vegetable and fruits for breakfast increases the speed by which food eaten is broken down inside the body thereby providing enough energy that will last for the day.Eating Vegetables and fruits in the afternoon normalizes the body system after several activities of the day and represses fatigue.