Outline Concept of God helps people in the past,


Thesis Statement:

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everyone has different worldviews, the Christian worldview will help people to
have better lives in the future for several reasons.

         Concept of God helps people in
the past, present, and future.

A. The history of Christian Worldview in
the past, present, and future.

1. The past demonstrates
that people need God for Christians’ life.

2. The present
indicates that people still need God for Christians’ life.

3. The future
proves that people need God at any time for Christian’s life.

B. External Reality and Humanity are all
essential because it affects Christian’s life.

1. God created the heavens, which include spiritual
factors regarding reality and the material universe. Also he actively the
existence and operation on all creatures through His omniscience and

2. God created humanity within His picture
as rational, ethical agents, then possessing free will, choices, and inherent
moral values. Human characteristic consists about each physical or metaphysical

        There are many benefits of
Christians’ worldview.

A.    There
is only God who exists in three people; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God’s
words for Christian include eternality, infinity, and righteousness.

B.     Only
the Christian worldview, including its emphasis on the religious and its appreciation,
concerning man’s abject condition execute can truly address and tell the
innermost issues about the individual in Christians. God’s words help
Christians to get in touch with their actual selves only due to the fact that
it allows them to recognize and realize as a result of their necessity because
of Sinners.

C.     According
to the Christian worldview, Christian sociology is based on totally regarding
the profession; so that, each the individual, the social and associate order,
and business management are very important to God, mankind, and society.
Moreover, God’s words help and make the social institutions of family and
church to instruct love, respect, discipline, work, and community to real

D.    The
Christian worldview sees records namely a rate beyond the creation concerning
the world; thru, the fall of humanity, in imitation of the liberty over the
world and humanity. It was destroyed humanity’s relationship along God, each
other, yet the world. It was the action of Jesus Christ on the cross that
redeemed and pass to that amount of redeemed humanity and will finally restore
or desire sooner or later the world again beneath God’s good rule.


The Christian
worldview is very comprehensive, complete, and understandable conception in
these days beyond a Christian’s viewpoint. The Christian worldview also must
affect each area or location on life, beyond psychology to sociology, from
science in accordance with philosophy, from law or regulation to economics. The
biblical Christianity is more than a set concerning religious doctrine and
knowledge according to recite or describe at any church. Christianity as much
taught into the Bible is a complete and full of worldview.

















Christian Worldview

is a very creative, intelligent, smart, merciful, and appreciation being for
Christians. God built whole creatures, which exist today and right beyond the
commencing God affirmed and blessed man’s and woman’s participation into His
creation. He constructed personality and characteristics into His image. This
was because these personality and characteristics were once constructed in
accordance with fellowship along God; man and woman were once created or
manufactured according to seek and find the truth. A component concerning
seeking and finding on the fact is the gaining on knowledge through God’s
words, which was the Bible. How one tactics and talents are dependent on how
much certain views actuality yet the truth.

latest survey was completed by the Green’s Research Group. They were determined
by four percent people, who have Christian’s worldview in the United States.
When Green Elizabeth, who any has researched and studied cultural trends and
the Christian’s Church considering that in 1980, appeared at the “born-
again” believers among America and Asia the outcomes have been a grisly eighteen
percent. In addition to, Green’s racial land conduct connected to the
Christian’s worldview with their moral beliefs. Green believes that nearly all
Christians own their Bible or recognize partial over its content. Moreover, there
are the half researchers found up to expectation near most Americans in
conformity with combine core biblical standards in conformity with a unified or
significant reply after the challenges and possibilities over life. Although
all Christians have exclusive God’s worldview, their worldview intention help
them to imitate of having higher lives of the after because of a number of

Christian worldview is a great work beyond as Christian discriminate the fact,
yet accomplish experience of existence all over the world. For instance, a
two-year-old believes that he is the core concerning his own world and a
popular Christian believes; so that, the materialistic world is everywhere as
it exists. Some others, who are considering as a biblical worldview, believe
their most important reason because being existence is in imitation of amour or
adore God. Whether conscious then subconscious, every human being has half kind
on his or her Christian worldview. His or her personal worldview is a mixture
of whole trust in conformity with being true, then what he or she believes
turns into the using pressure in the back of each and every choice and feeling.
Consequently, it influences his or her answer in accordance with each and every
aspect of life regarding life. For example, most Christians think that their
idea holds the notion to that amount splendor is within the outlook about the
beholder, which is popular kinsman true as much adverse in conformity with splendor
namely described with the aid of God’s creativity and ultimate truth.

Bible is based on totally concerning the unfailing His Word regarding and
toward God. Thus, most Christians believe that the Bible is perfectly true and
have real story; they need to permit it in imitation of stay the foundation of
everything the Bible told them to do so. For example, Christians bust significantly
the charge into “The Scripture of Romans is according to dignity the living
authorities through learning the issues” (Hamilton). In the past, present, and
future, Christians always think and believe that they are all sinners this is
because Christians thought Jesus died because of their sins; however, almost
concerning their gut reaction’s choice will replicate what they agree with
after stand real true. Here is the extensive question for Non-Christians. Their
nonbiblical worldview does not just sit down in a book because they are in
accordance with observe them. This was because they stay between a selfish, were
fallen in the world; these thoughts seductively sue in accordance with the hopes,
which are they usually give up incorporating to them into their private
worldview. Melancholy, they repeatedly functionate it while barring or understanding
it, and “vile Scriptures of the Bible up to expectation command Christians according
to avoid sexual immorality; however, whether often do Christians study into
love or premarital sexual sin” (Iselin, 105).

Management and Christianity are very associated via judgement, integrity, and results.
These are similar because both are very honest. Being good and displaying, integrity
execute can run a lengthy course with extraordinary Christians. They come
across in their life. Owning their personal commercial enterprise requires them
in imitation of keep honest inside their company, personnel and customers. “Being
truthfulness is absolutely necessary when proudly their very important business”
(Meynell, 65). They function now not need to steal cash beyond their personal
business enterprise then life customer’s data because of their own benefit.
Creating a pleasant or loving environment inside their business is a pretty
helpful pathway according to pass their clients and personnel as they are a
welcoming individual. However, their clients or employees cannot stay being
fooled by others up to expectation. They will need in accordance with uses
their excellent intentions against their customers. God always wishes His blood
in conformity with treating or curing others how He would take care of them. As
a Christians, they have to make sure that their superior in accordance with
educate others helpful or useful values and to show that the right access in
accordance with administration their personal business. Therefore, Christians ought
to constantly enhance or improve their relationship with God to grow closer.

The Christian worldview
will become a using pressure within their own life, charity to them, and their
experiences over God’s plan words due to that God’s world. Their identification
is shaped by means of that worldview. They no longer consult themselves as much
alienated sinners. Christians are not escapism; however, they are an energizing
dictate because of wise or trustworthy wondering. It additionally gives them
self-assurance and hope for their future. In the inside, regarding their own
life’s challenges and struggles, the Christian worldview helps according to
stabilize their own life. Thus, Christians need to offer a case, because of
their moral mind. They recognize so much what the real Christians, who are
performed among God’s image and world. “Remember as the fullest likeness about
love, grace, and reality are among Jesus Christ” (Thagard, 89). The implications
of the Christians worldview have appreciation history, which is not cyclical
and random. However, it is better for Christians to see records as a
significant sequel on occasion and propulsion about God’s purpose and words.
Christian’s history has intention climax where that started on the earth. This
meaning is that every other different concerning Christian’s mind because
Christianity is historical at their own heart through God’s words or the Bible.
In the sense to that amount, its fundamental lesson that God will employment to
deliver records or history in accordance with its specific destiny or planned

God has acted
among history among past, present, and future. Occasions will also object in
records according to formality its age. As a result, they suddenly skip oversea
concerning the soil about records into a never-ever nation. Due to the fact
that God is always is Himself is the One whoever mentions that Christian’s wish
and hope to take places to pass. Developing or building the Christian life is
very important advancing technique and method for Christians. This is because
there is a procedure between who Christians convictions more or extra from
their sharing into their own culture. This discipline and never-ending manner
pleasure assist from how many they examine way of life or their region of it.
Otherwise, the way of life’s choice form to their thinking. Consequently, the
Christian worldview presents the recent and accurate path of thinking, seeing
and doing that are primarily based over a modern course. Moreover, the
worldview for Christians is a plain path concerning and seeing life on
forasmuch the God’s world distinct out of naturalism, existentialism, and
postmodernism. Such a viewpoint offers bearings and course when confronted with
New God’s Age spirituality and pluralistic strategies. Due to this fact, God
presents and teaches Christians that means and reason for all element on life.

While one of a kind Christians
denominations may also vary in employment concerning worship, that portion this
frequent aspect, incorporating a law into Christians in a look. This is because
the single lifestyles and for the Bible into general. Christians thought frequent
dense expressions on Christians worldview, is the thinking on God’s world in
imitation of come. This is the remaining saying over God’s world, a responsive
reading that is old between Catholic or Protestant churches. This higher thing
so much that Christians are promised and said in the course of the God’s words;
however, it is expressed absolutely through the God’s twelve disciples among
His advance bird in imitation of the Bible. What God has organized is those
whoever love Him; however, Christians have seen or heard by God or by way of
His Spirit has delivered it whole outdoors within the commence before

While the Bible is handy in conformity
with focal point whole regarding Christians’ attention in accordance with come,
Christians might also forget their vicinity into God’s world, which is heaven,
at the current and the place their efforts can bear the just impact, which
skill to that amount while we perform bear an appearance incorporating
consequent. Jesus goes past their neighbors, their town, or too their nation,
tons about the almost significant action perform remain committed to supporting
these rapidly around Christians. The idea of forgiveness is some concerning the
interior issues of the Bible if Christians are applying it according to their
daily lives such additionally need to stay interior in conformity with
Christian worldview as much well. God told Christians that forgive certain some
other namely rapidly or utterly as much God of Christ forgive Christians. This
forgiveness or the excellence permits that need to lay the basis because of
Christians worldview. If Christians recommend the Bible over that redemption,
they begin in imitation of consult the Bible as much God helps Christians, in
most cases regarding where Christians execute become. This God’s word that
Christians need to remember all the time because God has performed; therefore,
God is challenging to exist properly or collectively over God’s world, which is
the heaven.

In conclusion, The Christian
worldview is very comprehensive, complete, and understandable conception in
these days beyond a Christian’s viewpoint. The Christian worldview also must
affect each area or location on life, beyond psychology to sociology, from
science in accordance with philosophy, from law or regulation to economics. The
biblical Christianity is more than a set concerning religious doctrine and
knowledge according to recite or describe at any church. Christianity as much
taught into the Bible is a complete and full of worldview.

Christian’s questioning has to certainly
low all ignoble endeavors after the improvement between work concerning truth
and arrival each thought captive in accordance with Jesus Christ and God. In
the book “Core Christianity,” Towns states that “Paul reminds to Christians as
they cannot presume as their thinking is Christ centered” (Town, 110). Another
Journal, “The Impact of a Christian Worldview,” Valk argues that “Christians
analyze to that amount their minds or heart about the Christianity has been
hardened” (Valk, 93). Finally, in these days, regarding Christian questioning is
ensured through the dense challenges and grown worldviews into today’s study or
research. God combine the mental along the ethical and spiritual among
Christians. First of all, some Christians crave potential because of the motive
on God’s knowledge. Secondly, others position has advantage; so that, they
might also stay known. Lastly, there are still others, who seek knowledge in
accordance with glorify. God mentions that the nature is concerning significant
Christian worldview mind that all concepts vested interests about Jesus Christ
and God within method with adoring or building others. That is the high
livelihood certainly namely; Christians are pace foregoing and faithfully on
these days. The Christian worldview is a comprehensive
and complete conception on the world beyond a Christian standpoint. The
Christian worldview also must the aspect of life, beyond psychology to
sociology, from science in accordance with philosophy, from law or regulation
to economics. The biblical Christianity is a set, which is concerning religious
doctrine and knowledge according to recite or describe at any church.
Christianity as much taught into the Bible is a complete and full of worldview.