Our degree, my inquisitiveness started growing towards microbiology and

Our lives bear testimony to the tremendous progress in the field of medical sciences with emphasis shifting from organism to organ , organ to cell and cell to molecule, culminating in a phenomenal success in curing  plethora of irremediable diseases. I, NAVPREET KAUR, present this statement of intention to delineate my interests to pursue Masters in Microbiology and Immunology at your prestigious university.I did my matriculation from St. Thomas Convent School, Rajasansi, Amritsar Punjab India affiliated to I.C.S.E. Board securing 91% marks . Due to my keen interest in the field of life sciences , I opted for medical stream in higher secondary education. I completed my 10+2 from a renowned school named as Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School and maintained good grades by getting 82% marks. I also appeared for National Eligibilty cum Entrance Test in which I got a decent rank and decided to study Bachelors in Dental surgery but due to my immense fascination in the domain of experimentation and scrutinizing the minute findings by delving deeper and deeper,  I ushered myself towards this stream by getting admission  in B.Sc medical.The area of research in medical sciences have always attracted me and this childhood interest coupled with my parents aspiration took me to opt for my graduate studies in the respective field. I completed my three year Bachelors of Medical sciences with the core subjects of Botany, Zoology and Chemistry. I have undergone a meticulous planned and well structured curriculum including anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, medical laboratory technology and others. After successfully completing my bachelors degree, my inquisitiveness started growing towards microbiology and immunology. The admission criteria in post graduation involved a lot of competition and required intense efforts as it was mandatory to clear the entrance exam with good rank in order to seek admission . Due to my unremitting hardwork, I topped the entrance exam for Masters in Microbiology at Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. During the course of my majors , not only I enhanced my fundamental concepts but also dug deep into some of the advanced subjects like Virology,Bacteriology, Environmental biotechnology, Clinical diagnostic  and medical microbiology, Immunolgyand Genetic engineering. Our curriculum included both coursework as well as strict practical hours which took most of the time during my entire course.From my school days to my post graduation , I have been successful in maintaining an execellent performance. Even in the first two semesters of my post graduation , I have been able to score 8.6 CGPA and also developed both theoretical and analytical skills and I intend to enhance them further by pursuing full time research based curriculum at a renowned institution. In my fourth semester I will be undertaking a research project ‘Bacteriocin as a food preservative’ under the guidance of Dr. Sukhraj Kaur whose area of specialization is ‘PROBIOTICS’ and she is serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology in Guru Nanak Dev University.A global need to feed the hungry has refocused the attention of scientists with emphasis shifting more toward food security and especially the impact of biopatenting on poor communities who are the primary scapegoats of hunger worldwide . So doing research and exploring this nascent field of biopreservation would be very innovative approach as it will eliminate the use of harmful chemical preservatives in canned foods .During the course of this project , I will try to inculcate within myself experimental prowness. I intend to develop specialisation skills in the domain of microbiology by developing applied knowledge about antibacterial metabolites and their role in curbing the proliferation of microbes that have detrimental effect on the well being of humans. I will also acquire the knowledge of various techniques and related softwares to effectively carry out individualistic research in future.Apart from this, our module also includes delivering an individual presentation by each student on recent advances in microbiology. My topic of presentation will be ‘Gut microbiota and Neuropsychiatric disorders’. For this , I will be reviewing various international research papers to plan a layout for my presentation which will obviously enhance my knowledge about the topic. Also . the presentation given by other students will make me familiar to the revolutionary researches that have taken place throughout the world.My keen interest in microbiology and immunology made me pursue a research based Masters in the same field at your university. I have chosen ———— university because it is quintessential educational institute that imbibes unrivalled teaching and research methodologies which aims to refute the establised practices. And I aspire to accomplish expertise endorsed with vast knowledge and proficiency in this renowned university. Canada provides the most comprehensive education, meeting international standards and competition along with the availability of diversified fields. The education system is highly inclusive with experienced faculty and most crucial of all, international recognition. As I am already fascinated towards microbial world, the exceptional faculty at your university will give me a chance to aquaint myself with advanced tools and techniques related to this field.