OR merger, takeovers, and acquisitions. It is not a

OR MARKETS”. Organizational change is an inevitable thing in today’s world due to the
accelerated rate of merger, takeovers, and acquisitions. It is not a simple entity or factor to be
left of no importance. The major factor driving the organizational change is the increased
competition in the daily world. Firms are diversifying themselves to survive in the future.
Ex: Amazon-started just as selling books and DVDs’ and later they began to diversify and
expanded their area of work to cloud, artificial intelligence and even to space engineering.


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Organizational changes could be defined as the measures, actions, counter steps adopted by
an organization to survive in long term or to realign itself with the dynamic business
environment. Organizations must deal with the constantly changing atmosphere around it and
try to move in terms in with it. If it fails to move accordingly it may be doomed to fail, so it is
very important that organization must according to the changing environment. In our daily
life we are coming across various factors such as new technology, new machinery etc.
sometimes it’s necessary to cut the cost, sometimes firms needs to replace humans with
machinery. The success of change management also depends on the level of education
provided to the ground level employees and their understandings. Only with the co-operation
of all employees, can be such a change initiated. Communication play’s such an important
role in the change management. According to the statistics report the major resistance to the
change management is faced from the employees when there happens an effective
communication it would be easier for the organization to apply change management


‘Research studies in organizational change’ in India suggests that now a days the terms such
as organizational change and organizational change are taken out of context and used
frequently. (Singh & bhandarker, 1990, 2002: bhandarker2003) defines organizational change
as a substitute for organizational revival. (Jimmieson et al., 2004) also explains
organizational change as a change in the organizational climate as a response to change in
organizational environment. According to (Powell & DiMaggio, 1983) organizational change
is explained as a response to the changes and pressure in the outer environment or it could be
identified as a self changing process adopted by the organization to survive and stay alive in
the future period. Change management models are ways of representing how an organization
could be changed according to its surroundings.