One skills that I gained during 4 years attending


One of my most outstanding characteristics
is the social skills that I gained during 4 years attending in FTU Sports Club
(FSC). Being a girl did not hinder me from joining a Sports club as I was big
on playing the sport. Exposer to such extra-curricular activities helped me to
earn lots of skills in team building, fund-raising, communication, motivating
other people and turned me into an active and enthusiastic person. For
instance, I successfully convinced a manager of Xuan Huong Salon- the most
illustrious beauty salon in Ha Noi to become the general sponsor of FTU’s woman
championship-the biggest football competition for FTU girls. Besides organizing
sports projects, I got chances of helping the poor and teaching children who
are less fortunate in the mountainous region. Keeping this enthusiasm inside my
heart, I expect to continue contributing to NTU’s sports club or run a small
sports club where connects closely local and international students at NTU by
fascinating sports competitions and charitable activities.

Hands-on experiences in Finance and Accounting
is also my strong feature. It was a great opportunity for me to understand and
put theory into practice when I interned under the detailed guidance of chief
accountant of the Finance-Accounting department in Hoa Binh hydropower
company-the second biggest hydropower establishment in Southeast Asia. As the
participant in several projects, I gained many skills such as preparing and
reviewing revenue, payroll entries, and other accounting documents; analyzing
budgets and expenditures for local, federal and private funding; reviewing
contracts and grants. Moreover, playing a role as Deputy Head of Finance
Department of FSC, I also have experience in monitoring and recording the flow
of money through my club for 4 years. Therefore, I want to contribute more
good-quality lessons by sharing all of my knowledge with other students through

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