One piece of legislation that informs practice which relates

One piece of legislation that informs practice which relates
to care is Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is keeping children safe within
the setting. It is important to keep them safe because it is our responsibility
to safeguard children and make sure they stay safe at all times. To safeguard
children it is important to always follow the policies and procedures of the
setting. To keep children safe it is also important to teach them how to stay
safe from anything that would put them in danger. Keeping the environment easy
accessible for children to be able to communicate with the members of staff is
very important because if there is not accessibility to communication, children
can`t ask for help or talk to them about any problems they might have. When it
comes to safety children have the right to be safe because they rely on us and
we need to make a lot of decisions that will keep them safe.

For example in my setting to keep children safe we always follow our
policies and procedures. There has to be a written statement in the policies
about how the setting keeps everyone safe. The Health and Safety at Work Act
requires the setting to do risk assessments on things such as security, fire safety, food, hygiene
and outings. Outings must be planned and checked beforehand for
suitability, access and safety. This involves running a thorough risk
assessment exercise and taking appropriate action. For example: amend the
original plans or increase adult:children ratios.(Check it, health and safety policies’, (Nursery World, 2000) Risk
assessments are also needed when making any changes for children with
additional needs, for example using specialist equipment. This Act also means
that there has to be a named person for health and safety concerns and that all
practitioners understand their own role and responsibilities. When I started
placement, I was given the health and safety
procedures to read and they explained to me as part of my induction. I was also
told the evacuation procedures for a fire or other emergency situation.

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overall safety of the building, both indoors and outdoors checked daily by a
named member at my placement. This means checking for weather damage such tiles
and any vandalism like any broken glass and litter as well as animal faeces.

Cleaning wise in my setting the
members of staff are doing all the cleaning such as washing the toys; check and
see if there is any damaged toys, hoover the whole area they work in and make
sure there is nothing that could harm the children. The duty manager does all
the health and safety checks before leaving such as checking the outdoor area
and see if there is any broken toys or equipment; if there is any glass or
litre on any of the surfaces; if there is any weather damage or vandalism such
as smashed windows or broken locks.

Safety wise in my setting we
supervise children at all times especially when outdoors playing and running
around; when going on the slide there is always a member of staff next to the
slide watching the children or even helping them if they need any support; we
are also supervising them while on any bikes or in move equipment by walking
behind them and making sure they are safe while enjoying their time.