One issues and human health (Geng, 2013). The utilizations

of the most critical results from the palm oil milling process is an empty
fruit bunch. What remains from fresh fruit bunch after
the fruit has been expelled for oil squeezing or pressing is Empty fruit
bunches (EFB). Beforehand, the EFBs are scorched and the fiery remains
utilized as compost. Nonetheless, the subsequent air contamination and changing
legislation have prompted this work on being restricted.


            The supply of oil palm biomass and
its produced palm oil are observed to be seven times greater than the regular
timber. Among the oil palm biomass, the empty fruit bunch (EFB) is a common type of biomass to be investigated for the
production of biofuel. Empty fruit bunch (EFB)
is conventionally utilized for the power and steam in the palm oil processing and in the fertilizing
of soil and soil mulchNZ1 . The consumption of EFB had caused to the
ecological issues due to the incomplete combustion and the produced flying ash
resulted from this process will give a bad influence to the human health. Hence,
the conversion of EFB to the biofuels such as syngas, ethanol, butanol, bio-oil,
hydrogen, and biogas is a decent technology that bring the less impacts on the
ecological issues and human health (Geng, 2013).

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            The utilizations of EFB as mulch on
agricultural land include the weed control, prevention of soil erosion, medium to
sustain the moisture content in the soil, and as a promising adsorbent material
(Idris et al., 2014). However, the
utilizations of EFB as mulch are attributes to the high labour and
transportation costs, which then led to the high production costs. To keep up a
focused edge by diminishing the expenses while as yet determining the rural advantages
of EFB, more organizations were searching for the cost-effective and
environmentally conscious way to arrange the by-product by composting treatment