“Once toe everything is in proportion” FDR 1945Imagine not

“Once you’ve spent two years trying to wiggle on toe everything is in proportion” FDR 1945Imagine not being able to walk. Just sitting there, trying to move on leg, just a little! But your can’t. Your my friend are in the shoes of FDR, come and learn about our 32nd president, and how he took on the life taking disease… Polio. FDR was the first president too have a physical disability.  FDR had Polio. It was very deadly, in 1916 six thousand people died from Polio. Later in that century, 1952 fiftyseven people died from Polio. It’s more common for Polio outbreaks to occur during the summer. Polio was becoming very popular, and very harmful. Scientist worked very hard and finally in 1955, there was an vaccine.FDR got Polio at age 39, he was sailing on his yacht, in Bay of Fundy. The icy water below him. FDR lend forward, and fell over bored. It was almost paralyzing too his body. The next day FDR was complaining about lower back pain. Day two, he could barely hold his  own weight. In the time FDR had Polio there no cure. So for the last twenty four years of his life, FDR had Polio. In Warm Springs GA, there were pools called ‘ healing waters’ FDR found out about the pools from George Foster Peabody. The temperature of the water is what made it healing waters. FDR went there himself to see, after the trip he was very pleased. FDR had decided too spend two hundred thousand dollars, to make a Polio center.         FDR was elected for a amazing four terms. But when FDR got Polio that had made it hard for FDR to be in politics. FDR’s goal was to be able too walk again before being president. FDR’s wife Eleanor did not want him to be forgotten. The couple sent letters and made phone calls. Eleanor went too political meetings. So as your can see having an life taking disease can make it hard to achieve your dreams, and work at you hardest. But FDR pushed thru and now he is one of the most known presidents. So follow your dreams no matter how hard it may be.”The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”FDR 1932