On our system that highlight this problem like Healthcare,

On July 4, 1776  Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman of and Robert R. Livingston wrote in The Declaration of Independence “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” But did keep to our word? Sadly no, we are not all equal in The United States today.  We had slavery till 1865, that is 89 years after The Declaration Of Independence. And African Americans people are not the only people that are discriminated in the U.S. Jewish people, Latinos, Asians, Muslims, and Women are all minorities that are discriminated against. I am going to focus on women in this essay because for every one of those categories there are women included. There are several places in our system that highlight this problem like Healthcare, Workplace inequality, Violence against women, and Cultural expectations.Since 2000 in the U.S mortality rates have skyrocketed to 26.4% that means that you have a 73.6% chance of living after giving birth which is crazy for how rich the U.S is, and how it is known for its cutting edge medical practices, and scientists believe it is caused mainly by diabetes and obesity.  In 1977 women were given the right to be able to have a legal abortion,  But since 2000 abortions have been restricted more and more. So much so that in some states some women cannot get access to a safe and legal abortion. In Utah there are many obstacles in place that have begun restricting abortion access to women. Also it is so bad in Utah when you go for an abortion you have to talk  to a doctor, and by law that doctor has to tell you untruths by law like abortions have been linked to breast cancer which is definitely a lie. Even birth control medication is being restricted which is scary. In the U.S the average white woman gets 70% of what the average white man makes. The average black woman makes  65% of what the white man makes. Then the Latino woman makes 50% of what the white man makes this is caused by gender discrimination, racial discrimination which is sad, but true.  If we continue at our current pace to close the wage gap it will take over 100 years for women to get paid the same as their male colleagues.In society a lot of big business decisions are made in male sports like basketball, and golfing such as a promotion or becoming a CEO were women are not invited so they might miss that promotion that they have been working for five years then after then the women have to catch up on all the decisions that they made while they were playing said sport which is unfair.In any workplace it can be dangerous for a woman, and 29% of all women in the U.S have experienced  rape, physical, violence and/or stalking which is terrible, and after sexual violence has been done it can be mentally scarring to the victim that could ruin the rest of their life. In the U.S there is unrealistic expectations for women that punish them in our culture.  From a young age girls see what is expected of them.  Toys are  like toys are separated by gender  Then there are cleaning toys that teach young girls to feel like women are the caregivers in a marriage that also teaches girls that they have to get married to be successful in life which is untrue women are just as capable as men. Toys that push girls at a young age to conform to unreal body expectionas like Barbies or Bratz makeup the models are photoshopped to tighten skin make them look pailer, younger, and even make their breasts look bigger. Society sometimes tells young girls that the only jobs that women can get are pink collar professions which are paid less than a white collar professions.  __________It is very sad on how badly we have treated one discriminated group that is the very basis of our society or humanity the very minority group that made every single one of us that we pushed down, abused, and demonized. But there are things that we can do you just have to think a little bit to get an idea on how to help a little for a big causeThere are things for women that have gotten better for women.  Women can vote so they can help influence the elections.   tThey can run for office.   They can own land,  divorce without being punished,  become governor, and many other things.  They  had to fight for it so things can get better you just have to work a bit to make it better.