On against excessive government—central themes of his future political

On February 6th, 1911 Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois. Reagan graduated from High school, in the year 1928. He was athletic and president of the student body. He has been a part of many school plays. He worked as a lifeguard during summers in Dixon.He had an athletic scholarship that allowed him to go to Eureka College. While at Eureka, He was a football player and track runner. He was captain of the swim team and president of the student council. Reagan later graduated in 1932. Later, in Iowa, we was a sports announcer.Reagan later signed a contract for Warner Bros. This was a seven-year contract which later allows him to be featured in over 50 movies. Reagan married the actress Jane Wyman. Together they have a daughter and adopt a son. In 1848, the two divorce. Due to his poor eyesight, Reagan was relieved of his combat duties. He spent his army time making training films which left him as a captain.Between 1947 through 1952, Reagan was the president of the Screen Actors Guild. While there, he met Nancy Davis. He fell in love and later married her. The two children which they named Ronald and Patricia.Reagan’s career as a film star hit a plateau. He then was able to get a job as host of the series The General Electric Theater. He had to travel the United states for the show. This is when he changed his views from liberal to conservative. He was the leed of the pro-business discussions. He spoke out against excessive government—central themes of his future political career.Reagan later has his first election for public office. Reagan beat Democratic Edmund “Pat” Brown Sr. by approximately one million votes. This won him the spot to be the Governor of California. He ran for a reelection for a second term in 1970 and won.Later Reagan ran for president and he defeated Democrat representative President Jimmy Carter.  He won the electoral college (489 to 49) and had about 51 percent of the popular votes. At the age of 69, Reagan was the oldest person elected president.In 1981, during Reagan’s inaugural speech, he stated that government is not the solution but the problem. While he was president, Reagan made tax cuts and made more for military spending.On March 30, 1981, President Reagan was exiting the Washington Hilton Hotel along with some people. Gunshots fired and the Secret Service shoved Reagan into his limousine and drove off. While they drove off a medic found out that he been shot. The assassin was John Hinckley Jr. He also shot 3 people but killed nobody.  Doctors later found out that the bullet has just missed his heart. The wound punctured his lungs. Several weeks after the shooting, Reagan to his wife says a joke, “Honey, I forgot to duck.” Reagan later enforced conservative policies. He created tax reductions to help the economy.  Along with this he increased military spending. In 1981, Reagan hired Judge Sandra Day O’Connor, making her the first woman of the U.S. Supreme Court.The best issue of foreign policy was the Cold War. He made the Reagan Doctrine, which gave help to anti-communist places in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In 1983, he announced that America had weapons to fight against a soviet nuclear attack. October 1983, a suicide bombers hit Marine base in Beirut. This killed 241 American soldiers.In 1984, Ronald Reagan was re-elected defeating the Democratic Walter Mondale. Reagan won 49 of the 50 states in the election. Reagan finished with winning 525 of 538 electoral votes. This was the largest number won by any U.S. candidate.During Reagan’s second term, he also made a diplomatic relationship with Mikhail Gorbachev. He was the chairman of the Soviet Union. Later the Americans and Soviets made a agreement to remove nuclear missiles. Within the same year, Reagan spoke about Germany’s Berlin Wall. It was a symbol for communism. So Reagan challenged to tear it down. Two years later, The wall was demolished.  After leaving presidency. Reagan and his wife returned to Los Angeles, California. In 1991, A library was built in his name. In 1994, Reagan revealed that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. On June, 2004, Reagan died at age 93. This made him the longest living president at the time. A year later Reagan’s wife died from heart failure at 93.