” of war, in close to eight million Japanese

” Support or Oppose the Statement. The Atomic Bombing of Japan, no matter the cost in lives, was justified.”

Give no less than Four points to Support or Oppose the argument.

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Each point must be fully explained.

I choose to support this statement for the following reasons-


The will of the Japanese people.

The Japanese armed forces were not going to surrender, it was the will of their emperor. Based on my knowledge of what happened leading up to and during the atomic bombing of Japan’s cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I believe it was the bombs that drove emperor Hirohito to push Japan towards surrender. The bombs had showed Hirohito what he needed to see to want to surrender even if it meant doing so unconditionally. Hirohito, after seeing what horror and struggle the atom bombs had brought upon his people, he had had enough, he could not bear to see his people like this any longer pushing him to decide surrender.


It not only saved “American lives” but human lives on a whole.

Japan was starving and under threat of an American land based invasion. Based on my research, if the war was prolonged and the Japanese military had had its way, many Japanese people would have died of hunger and when the land based invasion was put into action, it would have resulted according to estimates for the secretary of war, in close to eight million Japanese casualties not considering the possible number of allied soldiers lives that would have been lost.

The atom bombs resulted in around 225,000 casualties, nothing when compared to the estimate for invasion.


To shorten the war.

Another argument supporting the bombs was that the bombs were made to shorten the war and it did so. Japan and all of it’s people surrendered on August 14th, 1945 and this eliminated the need for a land based invasion using exhausted resources and exhausted soldiers. America would have had to send soldiers that had just been fighting long and hard to put an end to the Nazi rule over to the pacific to invade Japan, this was not how they thought they were going to win the war.


Inherit the bombing of cities and civilians-

Truman was following in everyone else’s footsteps, countries that were fighting in the war were bombing cities and civilians. Roosevelt was bombing Tokyo with fire bombers slowly burning the city to the ground.

When Truman was president and was faced with the decision of using the atom bombs he could have rejected and continued with conventional bombing and invaded the country, however this may have resulted in a greater loss of life than the two atom bombs did, so I conclude with stating that I believe that the decision was morally justified and it was to reduce the loss of human life, however I do not believe a human has the right to take another’s and that a weapon capable of wiping out that many people at once should have been developed.