Not have been displaced because of the operational matters

Not long ago Microsoft and bitcoin enthusiasts could enjoy the purchase of movies, games and applications in Xbox and Windows stores. But it seems that this technology titan has changed the course estranging from bitcoin and becoming more hostile to it than friendly, as it has stopped accepting bitcoin funding methods.

Microsoft’s New Attitude on BTC

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All Microsoft clients, who support bitcoin, have now to admit: bitcoin deposit no longer available when it comes to paying for the company’s services and products. Microsoft has already informed all of its affected customers, who it managed to elicit, via email. There have been a lot of rumors concerning Microsoft’s change of position on bitcoin on both forums and social media, so now it’s all apparent.

According to, the company’s rep replied to the request concerning the issue and detailed:

“December 26, Microsoft is no longer accepting Bitcoin in exchange for credit on the customer’s account. The “Redeem bitcoin” link on has been removed, so customers like you will no longer see the option. Previous redeem error information has been removed from this post.”

Why Tech Giant Declined Bitcoin?

Unfortunately, Microsoft customer support representatives are not allowed to unveil the ground for such a decision. Nevertheless, the discourses on various forums where employees express their opinions, give a hint on the fact that bitcoin funding methods have been displaced because of the operational matters but not due to control demands.

On the whole, it is not surprising that several tech companies like Microsoft in this case and some others try to stay away from bitcoin until the entire resolution of the matter. The reason that is known for everybody is in bitcoin’s value instability, high transaction and remittance fees as well as long waiting time in making transactions. Perhaps, the decline of bitcoin by tech giants will motivate developers to come to a common solution.