Non in a function they enjoy, for example they

Non food function-

The purpose of this function is to cover everything other than food, for example the clothing and electrical areas of the store. This function will keep these areas clean for the customers to browse at and they will provide help such as sizing and finding the right products.

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Fresh food function-

This function controls everything to do with food such as making the stock nice and clean for the customers such as the bakery and the restaurant. Some food is hand made and when customers visit it is always clean and quality products.

Security function-

This function protects the company in many ways such as preventing stealing and keeping the customers and staff safe. To do this they use security guards to keep watch and CCTV to do the same. These people are a huge importance to the company and without them it would all fall.

Training function-

This function trains new employees looking to work for Tesco in a function they enjoy, for example they would train someone to look after stock or keep customers safe as the role of a security guard. Everyone needs to have some sort of training if they want to work at Tesco for a certain function or manager.

Customer service function-

This function is there to help the customer if they may need any information or queries and they cam also make a complaint. Companies like Tesco have a customer service desk, this can be used for many things such as, returns and refunds, queries and information, complaints and even lost children.

Human resources function-

The manager of the human resources department is responsible for ensuring that department employees are comfortable in their areas of expertise. The HR could also pay the employees and keep track of sick employees and days off. This team would also give lots of motivation and support to ensure they are following the company laws as its all about the staff.

Ambient function-

This function takes care of all stock that can be stored at room temperature. They would make sure there is bread, cereal and other products for the stock control to put on the shelves for the customers to buy. They always make sure the customers receive everything they expect when visiting the store.

Stock control-

The stock control get the products from the storage room and ensure there is plenty of stock on the shelves to be purchased. They would collect products from the different apartment and easily monitor them with a hand controlled device.

Finance function-

This function is responsible for all money purposes, such as putting money into the buyers function so they can purchase stock for the company and putting money into the company elsewhere. This function is very important especially in retail companies.