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Nick casper Should there be a limit on cell phone use Imagine if we lived in a world with no cell phones, would we have solved world hunger or maybe cancer? Some say that we spend way too much time on our cell phones, for the most part that is true. On the other hand some say if you’re on your phone you are happy and happiness helps us with our education. There should be a limit on cell phone use, you could cure cancer, get a better education, and you could save lots of money. Education is one of the most important things in the world. If we didn’t have a good education we might be in the stone age again. Phones take up lots of your school time and you never get anything done. You’ll never get any work done if you’re on your phone and not doing your homework. You could possibly solve cancer maybe even world hunger. Some may say well if you’re on your phone you’re happier but are the hungry people all over the world happy? Probably not,  could you live with yourself if you knew you could do something about these things but your not? No it would suck. If you didn’t spend all that time on your phone maybe you could. You won’t spend as much money on phones. You might even save lots of money if you don’t go out and buy the newest phone on the market. Some peoples plans allow them to text wherever they are. You would save money on phone bills if you don’t have the latest phone bill.You are happier on your phone. Most people just sit there and be bored, most days,and phones do help with boredom. Even though cell phones are useful we spend a lot of time on them doing useless stuff. Becauses phones have useful functions we do use them a lot, we use them to where the become use less which is why there should be a limit on cell phone use.There should be a limit on cell phone use, you may be happy when you’re playing on it but phones don’t last forever. Education is the most important thing we have in this world and if you neglect the chance to learn you neglect the chance to become anything you want. Money is important but you don’t need a lot. Finally you could be doing more usefull stuff with our lives. Because of these things a limit would be good and we should have one. With it we could spend more time with family and friends as well as improving our education, while saving money at the same time.