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Enterprise Development and small business



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& N is a kind of small cuisine business situated at Queen Street (Auckland
CBD). Different kind of foods is provided like fried chicken, fries, burger,
beef burger, sushi, sandwiches, rice toppings, pizza etc. Many other similar
food businesses are also running nearby this. They are also working hard to
make their position in the market by offering good quality of food with best
quantity and price. Their main motive to attract the overseas students like,
Chinese, Nepali, Philippines, Arab, Indian and kiwi people as well and working experts
are also being targeted to make a good position in the market.    

they are going to increase their trade in one more place also with the goal of
achieving the imaginable requirements of their customers and they are also
increasing their sales and revenue sooner or later. But before taking the risk
to start the fresh business they are planning to understand the market demands
by doing the analysis of consumers’ interest. 
They are focusing on the customers’ accomplishment to calculate how the
customers feel regarding their cuisine and services. They are also curious to
understand that what kind of products is required to enhance the taste, price
and quality according to customers’ demands. Regular and potential consumers
are their main target of the survey so that a better estimate can be calculated
with a minimum loss. It is being considered that customers will assist them to
conform that they will meet the customers’ requirements or not.  Survey will be accompanied in mid-city queen
street branch. According to the survey customers will be asked about the
products which they would like to buy mostly in their daily life and what are
the reasons they like to purchase those products. So the motive of the survey
is to find out the things which are frequently bought in the daily life so that
these items can be added in their menu for achieving their target to make a
good position in the food market.

the analysis they locate the place with consumers’ need linked with the concern,
value and quantity of their objects and moreover they get that what items they
should add to their list to make their customers remarkably achieved. Chinese
people are kicked out of the break to consume fries and they have to combine
smoothness in their menu and they are satisfied with everything.

Chinese people get a kick out of the chance to consume potato fries and they
have to include smoothness in their food list and they are pleased with the
whole thing.

Kiwi people get a kick out of the break to have touches of M & N support
business they additionally want to combine plate of unified greens in their
list and they are enormously comfortable with their items quantity and worth.

Indian people are not added to eat cooked chicken and ground sirloin sandwich
burger. They have to integrate veggie dinner. They are not comfortable with estimate
of budget for that they have to shrink in the price of the items to offer fulfilment
to Indian clients.

Arab people don’t like to eat the burger mostly in their daily life of M &
n association. So they have to join halal food in their food list and they are meaningfully
comfortable with its amount and value. They are being just satisfied with its valuation
of currency by M & N.  

& N nutrition business is generating business in the present since social
orders jump at the spontaneous to consume obvious type of support for their aroma
however pestle examination identifies exterior apparatuses which move a trade.
For this situation, taking a glimpse at how the cuisine business is impacted by
radical ecologist public and automated sections. For instance, the impact of
cuisine industry including fast food restaurants has more vital conclusions. Because
general wealth ideas are pushing for maintenances with cut down sodium and
sugar validations.