needs? on each other, beings and protect their bodies

needs? Or they are
just satisfying the aesthetical point of view of people?

designs are working
in the benefit of the users and are they satisfying the human beings

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is becoming more
structurally and technical, but the question is how these affected

more fluid and
artistic, on the other hand, fashion design under the effect of architecture

fashion in a positive
way? Architecture under the effect of fashion design is becoming

are working in a beneficial way and are affecting architecture and

point of view to
design extraordinary master pieces, but till what level these effects and

makes them stronger
and in some ways and gives the ability to the designers to have a wider

At the end, the
effect that each of the mentioned professions might have on each other,




beings and protect
their bodies against the natural or unnatural disasters in different

criteria. For
example, a dress or a building are basically designed to shelter human

makes them so unique
and personal is by the aesthetic, functional and communicative

components of ?design
objects ‘are the same and represents the same function, but what

help human beings in
so many ways.   In fashion design and
architecture, the basic

connected to them. In
result, people face many inventive and innovative designs which

They both cross the
boundaries and use the concept and theories that are unlikely

architecture, are
brave and have courage to do crossings in terms of concept and design.

has an everlasting
characteristic. The fact that both industries, fashion design and

has more permanent
existence, will stay among us for much longer amount of time and

each season new
garments and outfits comes and goes but on the other hand architecture

differences between
these two are the fact that fashion design lives in the moment and

scale, proportions,
sizes, material and shapes are observed. One of the most important

mentioned above,
after the research that has been done, there are some differences in

protection and covers
in smaller scales. Although there are similarities between them as

around it, and people
move around and spend time there; garments are human’s

contrary with fashion
design, this ?third skin’ is surrounding human body with the space

characteristics are
the same with architecture where it is called the ?third skin’. On the

clothing is considers
as a ?second skin’ that enclose and shelter the human body. These

safe and private
environment for them. On the other hand, in the world of fashion,

human being in a
bigger scale and protects them from natural phenomena and creates a

known as the fact
that they both provide shelter for human beings. Architecture shelters

to benefit from each
other techniques, materials and concepts. Other similarity can be

and fashion in a way
that somehow a bridge between them is created and it causes them

relationship between
art, science and technology; these three are effecting architecture

similarities that is
worth to mention is that they both are benefiting of the existence of

researcher noticed
many important similarity between these two profession; one of the

After the observation
and research on many cases in both fashion and architecture, the

many cases which
architecture and fashion have a direct effect on each other. 

and again these
factors caused an interrelationship between them so in result there are

architecture and
fashion design are effected by factors such as time, culture and society

disposed to constant
changes in taste and styles. In addition, it is the fact that both

relationship and in
many cases the interrelationship between architecture and fashion is

and concepts and they
caused an interrelationship between them. The parallel

concepts have
provided a proof that how these two fields are sharing many techniques

seen in the examples
in both architecture and fashion design; these examples and

as art, science,
technology, aesthetics, form and structure. These concepts have been

sharing same concepts
and theories. These two professions are sharing the concepts such

between these two
industries has gotten stronger by realization of the fact that both are

strong relationship
between two fields have been observed. In the past century, the bond

Through inquiry of
many factors that both architecture and fashion have in common, a