Nearly all the music, Canada will not disappoint you

Nearly 36 million people call Canada their home. Yes, that is a lot of people, the nation covers 9.98 million square kilometers making the country the second largest country in the world after Russia. In the world, the country also leads the world in education with roughly half of Canadians own a college degree. In Canada, there are two official languages being English and French. Speaking French will come very handy when visiting Canada’s dominantly French-speaking province of Quebec. But Quebec is not the only option for having a good time, Canada has 9 other provinces territories that its citizens call home. From Canada’s mountain ranges to prairie lands, you will also notice Canada has more freshwater lakes than all the world’s fresh water lakes combined. And not only that Canadians are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, they also share the largest unprotected border in the world.If you are someone that is looking for some adrenaline and love winter activities look no further, in western Canada there are so many mountains of snow that they have a name for all. From the June Whistler Blackcomb to Big white, you can’t call yourself experienced until you conquer British Columbia’s slopes. Afterwards, you certainly earn your place in Banff upper hot springs. After the winter and the snow melts, consider having a kayak or canoe ride in one of the country’s countless lakes and rivers. And other than Canada’s amazing sites, impressive wildlife runs all over Canada’s wilderness. You could go whale watching at the coast of eastern Canada. Or travel into remote forests throughout the country to catch the sight of beavers, moose, and bears of many different kinds of variety.Once satisfied with Canada’s amazing wildlife time to head back to Canada’s cities to enjoy the amazing activities and festivals. You would probably want to witness the way of life of Canada’s first nations people and attend a totem raising festival in British Columbia. If you enjoy all the music, Canada will not disappoint you either. From Ottawa’s Bluesfest to Calgary Folk music festival, while also passing by the east coast to let the region’s Celtic inspired music sweep you away. And no we haven’t forgotten about the sports fanatics. You would probably love to come witness and enjoy a game of hockey at Maple Leaf Gardens. Once fully swept away and checking off all the activities off your bucket list, then enjoy a winery tour and find your inner peace. Excellent destinations for a winery tour include Ontario’s Prince Edward County and Niagara on the lake. A bonus that comes with visiting Niagara on the lake is that you are only a short drive away from one of the world’s most beautiful natural attractions, Niagara Falls. Just remember that Canada has the most thrilling weather, from the coldest and freezing winters to the warmest and relaxing summers. You should really plan on which season to come to Canada. Winter stays strong from December to march. Followed by a rainy spring season occurring from April to mid-June. Summer, the time where Canada receives most of the tourist and visitors runs through nearly the end of June to nearly the end of September. Fall can run for 3 months, from October to the end of September. Now the last thing but certainly not the least are the food and drinks, my personal favorite. While visiting major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, it is not a surprise to find all kinds of delicious foods from  Mexican to Chinese foods all on the same street. Though it’s the undeniably delicious Canadian food such as poutine, that the country is known for. Perfectly deep fried poutine drowned with gravy and glazed with cheese. Next swap your regular bacon for peel meal bacon that comes from a pig’s belly. If you are sitting down for a delicious breakfast, don’t forget Canada’s authentic maple syrup which comes thick, sweet and comes anywhere from gold to amber in color. If the thought of seafood makes your mouth water, find your way to eastern Canada to enjoy freshly caught and cooked lobster, crab, and oyster. On the west coast, sit down and enjoy the taste bud satisfying servings of mackerel, salmon and black cod. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And if you think I forgot the deserts, you are wrong. Canada also offers delicious doughnuts rolls, Beaver Tails which are flattened doughnuts covered in all your favorite toppings such as Nutella or butterscotch. But what would you drink to wash down all these belts tightening treats? The country has a lot of classic beers and wines and Canada’s unique Caesar. And if looking for something to keep a clear mind then sit down with a cold and tall glass of apple cider from one of Ontario’s many – many apple farms. No Matter how you eat, drink your way around Canada. How you snowboard down the steep slopes of British Columbia. How you enjoy the wildlife and all of Canada from all the natural attractions to all the festivals and celebrations. There is one thing for sure, you won’t be disappointed. One visit to this beautiful country will surely not be enough. And each time you visit, it will leave you breathless every single time.