My understand that the temple is occupied by a

My number one choice of video games is Temple Run. I play this game on my smartphone. Temple Run is  a 2011 3D unending running computer game created and distributed by Imangi Studios. The player has full control of the dangerous person going through the Aztec Temple. They won’t understand that the temple is occupied by a group of evil monkeys who need to eat up them. As the diversion is a perpetual running amusement, there is no conclusion to the temple; the player plays until the point when the character crashes into a vast impediment, falls into the water or is overwhelmed by the devil monkeys. While the character is running, the player can swipe left or ideal to move the character to either side of the screen to gather coins as well as keep away from obstacles. There are three kinds of coins to be found while the character is running: gold, red, and blue. A gold coin will just add one coin to the player’s aggregate number of coins. Red coins are worth two coins, while blue coins are worth three. This video games does not encounter levels to overcome but the more coins you gain the stronger you are. Everytime the Dangerous guy bumps into a tree, gets burned by fire or gets caught by terrible ugly monkeys the game starts over again. In conclusion, the design of the video game other than being in 3D, the colors are chosen to make the atmosphere more dark and scary. The colors in the background of the video game are green yellow and black. Another aesthetic of this game is the sound, an anxious sound of the player’s breath in the game, and the sound of the screaming monkey right behind your shoulder.FastBall 2 Indie Game, is another game which I play on my smartphone. It is a game based on concentration and coordination of mind and finger on the touch screen.The idea of the game is to get your rolling ball from one end of the level to the other by avoiding obstacles. You achieve this by using your only ability, which is to jump. As you roll, you will hit boosts to pick up speed and then some which will slow you down, drop you and lift you up to reach higher platforms. As you progress through each of the available 105 levels, the games picks up in speed and difficulty becoming very difficult, very fast. If you just cannot get by a level, you can use tokens, which you will achieve, to skip over levels.With this simple mechanic, FastBall 2 contains 155 action packed levels spawned across 5 level packs. Through the levels, you’ll need a good timing, pure attention as well as decisions on which path to follow to reach the level end.The visuals are well-done and are reminiscent of a level from games like Super Mario, except the gameplay is very different. There are two themes: cartoon and futuristic, which mix up the look and feel of the game just enough. The ball rolls smooth and the physics match the gameplay and speed perfectly.This game goes on only if levels are exceeded. It is an addictive gameplay enjoyed by more than 6 million players. This game is recognized as addictive because when you lose you don’t stand it, and so you press again the “play” button.