My Secondary Examinations conducted by Government of Tamil Nadu,

My passion for quantitative ability and technology emerged at an early
age of schooling. My fondness for Science and Mathematics fetched me excellence
in academics consistently throughout my career. I was one among the very few
candidates who secured top scores in the National level Talent Hunt mathematics
competition. With Science and Mathematics as my strong suit, I secured an
average of 94% in Higher Secondary Examinations conducted by Government of
Tamil Nadu, India, notably 99.5% in Mathematics.

My interests
and academic distinction procured me admission in St Joseph’s College of
Engineering, one of the most reputed engineering institutions in India. Graduation in Engineering has
furnished a strong thrust in Mathematics and Computer Programming. I was
exposed to various levels of Engineering
Mathematics, Numerical methods, Discrete
time systems and signal processing, and Transforms and Partial differential equation which helped me in
intensifying the interest towards Mathematics at a greater pace. I was also
introduced to the advanced concepts of programming languages like C, C++ and

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When engineering itself is
captivating, isn’t it even more engaging to scrutinize the underlying finance
and management related with it? Engineers impose design decisions that affect
the firms bottom line, commonly without comprehending how. And when engineers
do move up, the financial chain understanding becomes a hardship. For an
Engineer to have a complete understanding of the company I feel one should have
a combined knowledge on working of both the Engineering and the Financial


My technical know-how got a boost with practical experience at BK coats. Since last 6 months, I have
been designing data for Analyzers section. This experience has not only
increased my technical knowledge but also expanded my skill set manifold to
include time, resource & people management. Managing these real-time
systems has sharpened my analytical skills and problem-solving capabilities. I
also proved it scoring 8 in Integrated Reasoning in my GMAT. The reasoning
skills being an important aspect in the field of Finance and Management, I
discern that I can be more competent in this sector.

I want to pursue a field which gives me ample opportunity to apply
engineering, programming and mathematical skills with deep financial knowledge.
My interest towards this field grew from the root when I started to read the
Wall Street Journals and the Economist. To this end after the Masters I would want to work with a
leading investment bank or in the treasury of a commercial bank, which would
enable me to help corporations manage their risks. In the long run, I wish to
create one of the best Financial advisory firm that causes a positive impact in
the global financial sector.

I am a volunteer under Bhumi, one of the India, Largest youth
volunteering. We believe persistent support at various levels will lead to a
positive change in the children. Every week I go to a school, teach
mathematics. Being a volunteer helped me develop new skills and knowledge. I am
also a member of Junior Red Cross and a primary level certified First-aid
trainer. The gesture of helping others brings me inner joy and positivity to my



I aspire to pursue
my Masters of Science in Finance at Carlson School of Management because of its
global reputation and the world class faculties, who help in obtaining the
cognizance in the field of Finance. Speaking of the professors, I was engrossed
by the works of Dr. Andrew Winton on Risk overhang and Market structure. My
urge to gain more knowledge about the market would be contented with his
expertise on this field. Apart from these, The Graduate Business Career Centre
present in the University for the Finance students would help me acquire the
experience and practice over the industry. It also helps me to gain relations
with top companies and leading experts in the Finance sector that allows me to
obtain a great knowledge and major benefits for my career. The Minneapolis
being one of the healthiest cities in the United States and with its low
unemployment rate brings me keen interest to be a part of this city. With 18 Fortune
500 company headquartered in the city it widens the scope for my initial career
growth. Given these factors, I feel this is the perfect place for my graduate
studies and I am confident that I will be successful in this program. I am very sure that the University of
Minnesota will drive me to discover my new career and achieve the long-term

I sincerely hope I
qualify all the requirements for the admission into your graduate program.