My Electronics-I , Electrical Properties of Materials, Digital Electronics

My inspiration to study engineering was primarily fueled by my long-heralded interests in
physics and mathematics. I developed a sense of attachment and fervor particularly to electrical
engineering during my secondary school days being tutored by an undergrad student in this field.
And it was at that time, the wide realm of electrical engineering discipline started unveiling in
front of me. My tutor very often talked about the major fields of electrical engineering:
electronics, communication and power system explaining their respective specialties as well as
application scopes. I was absolutely enthralled by the vastness of each field as I listened to him
and that was when I exactly knew what I wanted to become: an electrical engineer! However, I
received my initial research aspiration mainly from my father. That is because he has been a
university faculty member home and abroad for over 40 years and I have always seen him
immersed in his research since my childhood days. This has eventually elicited my desire to
pursue a PhD degree in electrical and electronic engineering discipline in order to seek a career in
After successfully passing the competitive entrance exam of Bangladesh University of
Engineering & Technology (BUET), considered the best engineering school of my country, I
officially started my endeavor of becoming an electrical & electronic engineer. Throughout my
undergraduate studies I tried to achieve excellence in my academic and research credentials. After
my sophomore year, I decided to take electronics as my major field because I really enjoyed the
basic electronics courses such as Electronics-I &II, Electrical Properties of Materials, Digital
Electronics which subsequently led me to taking courses like Solid State Devices,
Optoelectronics, Heterojunction Devices, VLSI etc. later in my senior year. Eventually I
graduated in March, 2016 with a CGPA of 3.92/4.00, placing 9th among 204 graduating students.
I started my Master of Science (M.Sc.) in EEE on April, 2016 at the same institution immediately
after graduation.
During the senior year of my undergraduate studies, I started my research work focusing on
nanostructures. I worked on the thermal transport characterization of two dimensional (2D) novel
materials. As with the advent of nanoelectronic devices, the silicon-based chip miniaturization
has led to high density integration. This made thermal management within a device difficult and
so the problem of device heating is becoming more acute. This complication entails the search for
suitable replacement materials of silicon which instigated me to conduct research on the thermal
properties of relatively new 2D material structures such as graphene nanoribbon (GNR) and
hexagonal boron nitride nanoribbon (h-BNNR). I explored both these nanostructures in their
pristine and defected forms. I have published these works in three journal articles and two
conference papers so far. As for my M.Sc. thesis, I am currently exploring the transport properties
of stanene, one of the latest cousins of graphene, in its doped state for investigating the impact of
doping concentration and doping pattern on its electronic and thermal transport property for
possible thermoelectric application.
And, with the eagerness to share my knowledge and expertise, I also joined as a lecturer at the
department of EEE in United International University, Dhaka. I chose this career since I believe
that conducting research in a field requires in-depth knowledge which makes teaching and research a
great combination. Through proactive interaction and interchange of ideas with my students and
colleagues, I have gained great insights during my short teaching career.
Alongside the academic studies and research, I had always been involved in extracurricular
activities and received a number of accolades as well. Being part of the senior year project group,
“Multipurpose Voice Controlled Robocar”, I won the Runner Up prize on the EEE Day Project
Show 2015 organized by IEEE Bangladesh Section. A news feature on this project was published
in one of the prominent local newspapers as well. Prior to that I also won the 2nd prize on the  project show on “30th National Science and Technology Week” held at Dhaka in 2009 and 3rd
prize in project show competition in the science fair organized by ISTARC (Ideal Science and
Technology Aiming Research Council) held at Ideal School and College, Dhaka in 2005. In
addition, I received the 3rd prize in Physics Olympiad which was organized on the occasion of
“Education and Cultural Conference-2009” held in Dhaka.
The Electrical Engineering (EE) department of Yale University has outstanding and distinguished
faculty members. The cutting edge research facilities and teaming environment within all the
research groups in the area of electronic, photonic & nano devices have driven me to apply in
Yale University. Here, I am strongly motivated to work with Dr. Fengnian Xia. His research
concentration in infrared graphene plasmonics and photonics; phosphorus optoelectronics and
electronics has intrigued me to follow his works. I have contacted him to express my keen interest
in his works and joining his research group. Moreover, the projects of Dr. Mark A. Reed’s
research group also caught my strong attention. Particularly, working with him in the research
area of electronic and optical properties of nanowire system would be a scintillating experience. I
am indeed thrilled with the possibility of working with such brilliant minds as it will surely open
up plenty of opportunities for me to explore the new aspects of electronic, photonic & nano
devices of the 21st century.
During my graduate studies, I will strive to enhance my inquisitive mind as well as creative
capability and maintain persevering demeanor in order to conduct proficient research in my
academic field. I plan to make substantial contribution to the field of electronic, photonic & nano
devices through teaching & research after the completion of my graduate studies. I believe that
my academic and research background makes me a strong candidate for the PhD program at the
EE department of Yale University. The opportunity to pursue my graduate study here will surely
bolster my expertise which will ultimately help me accomplish my dream of becoming a
successful researcher and academician.