“My and potential customers. Customer development: My product should

“My name is Jamie, I was born and raised in London. I have been producing for 5 years. My main genres of music are Hip Hop, Trap, RnB and Dancehall. I provide custom and original production for artists. In my production I’m using KRK Rockit 5, MacBook Pro, Ableton Live 9 Suite, Push 2, Akai LPK25 and I also have passion and love of music.I am also very experienced at programming rhythms and creating beats. I regularly use many different beat creation software packages, including Reason, Stylus RMX and BFD”Below is an example of a timeline I would set up to sell my beats:FOUR MONTHS BEFORE LAUNCHGet advice: Start talking about your product to my mentors, people in the real world, and potential customers. Customer development: My product should be a reflection of my customers. Think about Who it’s for?What does it do?Why it’s better than similar products?THREE MONTHS BEFORE LAUNCHCreate a launch plan: Work backward from my goal launch date and think about every step and marketing activity I need to take to make sure the launch is successful.Create launch content: Think about all the collateral I will need to sell the product and start drafting copies,Demo decksProduct screenshotsSales materialsWebsite updatesEmailsSales pagePick my channels: Find out what channels my customers hang out the most, pick two or three of those, and focus my efforts there. Channel examples include:Specific social media channelsProduct HuntFind promoters/affiliates: Look for influencers in the industry who might be interested in helping out. TWO MONTHS BEFORE LAUNCH:Start building anticipation: Create a landing page about the product with a “stay in touch” opt-in form.Put a banner on website hyping the product that links to the product landing pageTalk to your social media followers: Ask them questions to make sure you’re still on trackFinalize launch content: Take all the customer information you’ve been gathering and make sure launch content is still on par. Ask a friend/hire a professional to look over it and edit to make sure it launch worthy.Start seeding social media: Post teaser videos and images on social channels, blog posts, etc.ONE MONTH TO BEFORE LAUNCH:Announce the launch: Start your email sequence to your opt-in list.Set up your opt-in form for your blog main page.TWO WEEKS TO LAUNCH:Set up shopping cartResearch paid traffic: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. if interested.Create sales funnel: For people who click to opt-in and for after they’ve purchased.Create thank you page: For people who purchased.ONE WEEK TO LAUNCH:Set up product if need to.Check all links! Before launch, do a final check to ensure that everything works– buttons are functioning, forms are working, copy and creative looks good, etc.WEEK OF LAUNCH:Keep sharing on social media and through email list.Make launch an event: Host a webinarHit the podcast circuitHost a TwitterChatRelease a new (longer-than-a-teaser) promoRISK ASSESSMENTI would make a risk assessment for me to think about before launching this product.  Here is an example:-I would also make a budget setting out my expenditure and proposed income.  The main cost would be software and going to places to promote my product.