My AI and many such areas of computing Industry

My interest in Mathematics started cultivating as early as my primary school. All thanks to my father who introduced me to mathematics at a very early age making mathematics naturally become my focus of study. I became exceptionally good at maths, scoring high consistently throughout my school education. Taking part in various International Maths Olympiad (IMO) helped me refine my Mathematics skills. I also managed to secure a place in top 5 in my District. So why maths? It is fun and maybe because I like problem-solving. I have attended Ramanujan maths classes in my school time, where I learned various methods for the calculation of big numbers. My interest areas in Mathematics are mainly Logic, Combinatorics, Probability, Algebra, and Statistics.
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It was the first time during my 10th Grade that I came across C programming language. I was delighted with the computer programs that required mathematical skills. This is how my interest in programming arose. Not satiated with the limited course taught in 10th class, I enrolled myself in local private classes as my auxiliary program. There I made some basic programs like “Hotel Management”, “Snakes & Ladders”. Revolution in Internet, Mobile Applications, Machine Learning, AI and many such areas of computing Industry coincided with my years of secondary and higher secondary education, so it was natural for me to choose Computer Science as my undergraduate course.
During my undergraduate program at L. D. College of Engineering, a renowned college in Gujarat, I studied many courses like Programming in C/C++, Data Structures, DBMS, Analysis & Design of Algorithms, Object Oriented programming using Java, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, TOC, Compiler Design, Network Security, and Data Mining & Business Intelligence. Besides my undergraduate program courses, I took full advantage of various MOOCs where I audited courses like Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python by MITx, Querying with Transact-SQL by Microsoft, Algorithms by ArsDigitaUniversity Shai Simonson, Mathematics for Computer Science by MIT, Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1 by University of Maryland, Machine Learning A-Z : Hands-on python and R in data science by SuperDataScientist Udemy.
With a goal to improve my programming skills, I took part in various competitive programming competitions — which utilizes programming skills to solve daily life problems. To help achieve my goal I enrolled in various programming CodeChef, Codeforce, Hackerrank and many more. I also took part in national level programming contests TCS CodeVita by Tata Consultancy Services, enabling my team to manage a place among the top 300 twice, which amassed over 200,000 participants from various parts of India. I was a part of the team which participated in ACM ICPC (Association for Computer Machinery – International Collegiate Programming Competition).
During my 3rd year of Graduate program, I worked with a team of three other classmates to develop an android application “Department Data Analysis”. The application was adequate to tackle most departmental operations, intended to reduced paperwork and humanitarian efforts in college departments as well as to analyze the departmental data, in both tabular as well as graphical representation of data. (The features of the application included taking attendance through a, sending any notice to the students as well as faculties, reminding students about their assignments and faculties about their scheduled classes. This project received admiration from fellow students and faculties).
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As any other student would do, I started looking for different branches of Computer Science. That is when I stumble upon Machine Learning and its applications. Machine learning in the near future will become an integral part of the research creating new breakthroughs in all the fields of science as well as commerce, which collects a large amount of data. Analysing and finding pattern & hidden trends can help increase understanding and solve problems. Searching for online sources, I noticed Machine Learning course from Udacity. The final project of the course “Enron scandal – bankruptcy due to widespread corporate fraud” had me hooked to this field grew even more. Simultaneously, I also enrolled in Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-on python and R in data science by SuperDataScientist Udemy to help me get a basic understanding how to use python and R language in Machine Learning. To get myself conversant with the real-life problems, I developed two mini projects: “Adult Salary Classification”, “Movie Recommendation system”. My final year project: “Share Behaviour Predictor” is also based on machine learning, serving the function of providing decision assistance by predicting the share market behavior.
The MS program in Computer Science offered by XXXXXXXXXXX will undoubtedly hone my knowledge, skill, and experience in this field. By availing myself of the environment and faculties of your esteemed university I will be able to refine both theoretical as well as practical knowledge and apply it to the computing industries.

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