My a solid grasp8 of human biology and the

   My inspiration is to pursue a career in Child nursing since I feel it2    will lead me specifically to a standout among the most respectable, fulfilling professions and3    additionally permitting me to help save people’s lives and comfort to those in need. It would4    also give me the chance to study something that includes both academic and practical study,5    which would suit me immensely and thus assist me to gain valuable experience.6    I have dedicated my academic studies towards a career in child nursing. I7    have studied BTEC extended diploma in medical Science which has given me a solid grasp8    of human biology and the anatomical functioning of the body. This course has given me an9    understanding of the physiological processes that work to keep the human body alive and10    functioning, through scientific enquiry into the nature of mechanical, physical, and11    biochemical functions of humans, their organs and the cells of which they consist of. I really12    look forward to achieving an even better understanding.13     14    My work experience with St Paul’s CE Primary School had contributed me the opportunity15    to work with young children from various ethnic minorities. During my time here, my role16    was looking after and caring for a small group of children who required a high level of17    attention. At the school, I was prepared to develop my care and compassion skills with the18    children. Likewise, I came to grasp the significance to be flexible in your capacity to manage19    different patients as I expected to adjust my approach with particular children keeping in20    mind the end goal to help their learning. Thus, every patient I meet may have distinctive21    requirements, and it is imperative that I am ready to change my approach to deal with every22    patient which also means keeping up the correct principles and treat them after the ‘6C’s’23    strategy which is: care compassion, competence, courage, communication, and commitment.24    Another overwhelming experience which motivated me to pursue a career in child nursing was my25    time spent at the Kampala Hospital in Uganda where I shadowed healthcare professionals in26    different departments including surgery/paediatric wards. I carried out a number of duties27    including dealing with blood samples and communicating with patients. During this placement, I28    learned how to communicate effectively with patients from a diverse range of cultures. The29    experience most definitely made me feel more confident in myself to see patients from30    different walks of life. I believe the ability to communicate effectively is crucial for a31    successful career in child nursing as good communication helps patients feel at ease and it32    also develops the quality of care provided to patients. During my time in cardiology, I saw an33    incident involving a child, and it stunned me how the entire group came together, under34    the administration of the doctor and the aid of the nurse to stabilise the35    patient. Here I began appreciating the importance of teamwork in a healthcare environment. No36    amount of study could compare to the knowledge that I gained during this time, and the37    first-hand interactions with patients that I experienced will form the basis for the way that38    I communicate with patients in future. Overall, these experiences have reinforced my desire to39    work within a healthcare environment. 40     41    In my spare time, I spend a great deal of time at home baking. I use this as a bonding42    experience with my younger and always eager siblings to try out my creations. I also speak43    fluent Somali and Swahili which will be a useful asset as a nurse. 44    I wish to build on my study of Medical Science and the work experience I have gained at45    multiple healthcare environments. I believe that in light of the success of my patient46    interactions, intellectual curiosity in the medical sciences, I am uniquely suited to a career    in child nursing.