My 40 million people enslaved in the world.My second

My idea of freedom is no slavery/no child labor, privacy, and speech are mind. The reason I picked these are I believe these are the best. Slaves were just property and they should be cared about. British soldiers during the American Revolution barged right in without asking. Which violated American privacy rights. Freedom of speech is saying what you want. My first statement is the belief of no slavery. Some example are have to pay workers, no child labor like make a kid take care of their stuff without paying them, can’t force someone to work for you. You should pay the people who do stuff for. If you have child do it and not pay them is so rude. You can’t make anyone do stuff like at  gunpoint, knife, and/or blackmail. Some examples are back when there was slaves they weren’t paid. Another example is when London had over 10000 people were enslaved and let free September 17, 2017. Although slavery was abolished in North Dakota it is still out there. According to CNN there is 40 million people enslaved in the world.My second stamens the belief is privacy. The police needs a search warrant in order to search your house. We how don’t have to house the soldier and s. People can’ look through your stuff. Some examples are when the british could bargen in eat your food, sleep where they want, and did not have to pay. The police have to go to court and have to show you their search warrant. Another example would be Kids at school can’t take your phone and look through it and/or play your games. One example is courtney and her husband were harassed according to wired.lMy last statement is the belief of freedom of speech. To write what you want. Say what you want. And speech freely. Some examples are to write a book and not get denied because of violence.To speech in school and in public and what you want. And to speech when you want when it is ok. For example when I was talking to Riley while he was reading a book I told him it was not good for school.That is my three what freedom means to me. No slavery/child abuse so you have to pay them. My second one was privacy so no soldiers could come in and live there without asking.