Mistakes to know whether or not Facebook ads are

Mistakes Newbies Make with Paid Facebook AdsHubspot has compiled a research on Facebook ad revenue and research shows that revenue has grew from just under $2 billion in 2010 to $12.5 billion, with ads accounting “more than 9% of total digital ad spending and 18.4% of global mobile digital advertising.”The popular social platform’s success is because of its unparalleled targeting capabilities. But, with great targeting power comes with great responsibility as well. Facebook’s ads can be intimidating for beginners and the large variation of ad options make it hard for newbies to get started. To a certain extent, you just have to try to learn what works and what doesn’t. But as you’re learning the ways that will work for you, try to avoid these common beginner mistakes.Mistake #1: You don’t have any goals.You must know what metrics you’re holding Facebook accountable for, in order to know whether or not Facebook ads are working for your brand. The following metrics are the ones you should be tracking depending on your individual business goals:-New page “Likes”-Post-level engagement-Email opt-ins-Website click-thorough-On-site sales or lead generationsIf you’re a new brand, the number of page followers or page likes can be your first goal in mind. It’s a must that you have a goal in mind and you’re specific about it. For example, getting 100-300 new page “Likes” monthly and make sure that you check in regularly to ensure that your money is being spent wisely.Mistake #2 – You’re using the wrong ad format.You’re making this mistake because you’re either a Facebook ads newbie and you’re clueless on choosing the right ad format for your specific campaign, or you’ve had your ads running for some time and you haven’t paused for a while to evaluate whether or not you’re still using the right formats.You must know that Facebook rolls out new ad formats all the time. It’s important that you study the platform’s ad types carefully and you must remember to choose the ad types that will best suit your target audience and goals.Mistake #3 – You use too much text in your ads.Have you created a custom image headlining a user testimonial and you thought it looked perfect – only to have it rejected by Facebook’s ad text rule? This can be frustrating, but you must understand that text-heavy images are mostly rejected, compared to those with no or low text. Avoid your ads to be rejected by keeping text to a minimum in the first place.Mistake #4: Your images aren’t optimized for Facebook.There are a lot of newbie marketers who struggle in making this mistake. In setting up your ad campaign, knowing the correct-sized image can make sure that your ad will display correctly. Avoid unoptimized images that can decrease your engagement rates by understanding the list of ideal image sizes provided by Facebook.Mistake #5: You aren’t testing your ads.In every area of marketing and for any strategy that you’re putting your money on the line, it’s very important that you must test and test again. Test your headline copy, your ad images, your target approaches, your specific CTAs and even your landing pages. You must not run a Facebook ad campaign without an active test.Steer clear from these common mistakes that newbies make and I’m sure you’ll have more ads approved and you’ll see great results with your Facebook ads soon. Good luck!Have you noticed other mistakes new marketers make on Facebook ads (or that you’ll confess to having made yourself)? Please feel free to write a note below with your experiences: