Mental manipulated him mentally, they had placed a goal

Mental illness is one of the major problems Macbeth had to go through, Macbeth’s mental state was horrific, he had gone through alot of trauma which lead him to make impulsive decisions.    Macbeth’s mental state began to deteriorate when he was told his prophecy from three witches.The witches are the ones that began Macbeth’s mental deterioration because without their prophecy then Macbeth would probably have never killed Duncan. Almost immediately after Macbeth’s meeting with the witches , he gets a mental image of a knife. The witches were the first reason why Macbeth had lost control of his greed to becoming king. The witches had manipulated him mentally, they had placed a goal for Macbeth to reach in which it costs him friends. After a couple of hours later Macbeth had decided to kill Duncan for his throne.Secondly, Macbeth’s mental state worsens. He had slain Banquo and Duncan, Macbeth then sees Banquo’s ghost appear as he is giving his speech to the townspeople., Macbeth loses control of his emotions in front of the townspeople and Lady Macbeth had to recover for his mistake in which he looks to be the murderer of  King Duncan and Banquo. This scene spoke a lot about Macbeth’s mental state, it shows his guilt and how worried he is, because he had lost control of his mind. Lady Macbeth also was losing her mental stability, she was also responsible for the murder of Duncan which doesn’t help Macbeth because they both need to be wary of their surrounding and this is where Macbeth loses trust.Lastly Macbeth decided to kill Macduff’s entire family because Macduff had left scotland. Macbeth had felt that Macduff has left to find someone to attack him, therefore Macbeth had punished Macduff, the punishment was he had killed Macduff’s family. This scene shows that Macbeth had lost control of his emotions, he couldn’t think straight because of his large amount of guilt. Macbeth had murdered many innocent people, this had lead him into fear that controlled him. After Macbeth had killed  Macduff’s family, Lady Macbeth had suicided due to the massive amount of guilt she was carrying from all the murders, Macbeth had received the message and didn’t shed a single tear for his wife>This explains that he was focused on Macduff and the war that he didn’t care for his wife whom loved dearly.