Megan doing so. When Hitler had found any homosexuals,

Megan Murray

January  17, 2018

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      The Holocaust
 in Germany Hitler had wanted his perfect race, the blonde hair and the
blue eyes and nothing was going to get in the way of him doing so. When Hitler
had found any homosexuals, mentally ill or physically handicapped people ”
birth defects” he wanted to make sure that they were eliminated or they were
changed into straight men or women.

  During the Holocaust
in Germany the selection process in Germany was very important. With the ”
birth defects” Hitler had a law named The ” Sterilization” Law. This law had made
sure that all of the homosexuals, mentally ill, and physically handicapped
people had been ” weeded out  of the German gene pool. (Jewish Virtual
Library Paragraph 1.) But with these sterilizations there was an estimated
300,000 to 400,000 people that had been sterilized under the law. (Jewish
Virtual, paragraph 3 & 5)

  Persecution during
the holocaust was a big part of the treatment of the homosexual, the mentally
ill and the physically handicapped. ” Between 1907 to 1939 there was more than
300,000 people in other countries besides Germany that had been sterilized
unknowingly and or against their will.” (Jewish Virtual paragraph
3).  But a vast of these people had mainly been patients from mental
institutions. Hitler had came up with some programs one of them was called
Euthanasia. Euthanasia was a program that had granted you a mercy death. If the
doctors had said you were some what healthy then you were granted a mercy
death. But if you didn’t have good health then you would die with no mercy.
(Jewish Virtual paragraph 8).  The main reason of overall
death for the mental patients and the physically handicapped were the forced
sterilizations. For some of these forced sterilizations what would happen was
that the gas chambers at concentration camps had been discuised as showers.
Then they had told every one that they were going to take a shower and had made
sure that everybody had stripped down out of their clothing and gathered all of
them in put them all in the gas chamber and let them all die a merciful death.

  With forced
sterilizations the main age groups that had been targeted were 20 to 40 years
of age in both men and women. Thousands of people had died because of this.
(Jewish Virtual Library paragraph 4 & 6). The only people in Germany and
other countries was the Roman Catholic church. (Jewish Virtual Library
paragraph 7).  Programs that were involved with this such as the
Euthanasia and the T-4 program had a total of 70,273 deaths and 5000 of them
were the jews. ( Jewish Virtual paragraph 13) With the T-4 program
there was a form that the physicans had used. The physicans had either marked
the form with a ” +” in red pencil or a “?” in blue pencil. The ” +” had meant
death and the ” ?” had meant that there were signs of life. (jewish Virtual
Library. Org Paragraph 12) One more program that had been put into effect was
the 14f13 program. What this program is the physicans from the T-4 program had
went into concentration camps and”weeded out” the ill prisoners, at least
between 200,000 and 250,000 mentally  ill and mentally handicapped Jews
had been murdered between the years of 1939 and 1945.All of these programs that
Hikter had created were created in secret.

  Hitler and the Nazi
Regime had also played  a big part in the treatment of the of the
Homosexuals the mentally and physically handicapped. During this time period Hitler had tried anything no
matter what the public had said to fix his perfect race, even if it meant
killing the ” birth defects” on a daily. ” Death had included starvation
,poisoning , and injections.” (Jewish Virtual Library paragraph 17) “These
forced killings and sterilizations had soon come to becoming a mass murder” (us paragraph 1)  Hitler had also given doctors the responsibility to
choose weather a person dies or stays alive. (Jewish Virtual
paragraph 17). “Soon killings had become a norm, routine in hospitals for
adults, children, and infants.” ( Jewish Virtual paragraph 17.) One
of the mentally ill people the Nazi Regime had ended up killing was a relative
of Hi,tee. She was gassed to death . ( The paragraph 1)

  All around Germany
there had been 200 hereditary courts set up with two physicians and one judge.
All doctors there had to register every known illness. (Jewish Virtual Library
paragraph 6)

  But the main thing
during all this was the treatment of any homosexual Jew was terrible. ”
Homosexuals had been targeted ” enemies of the “disciplined masculinity”
because he had wanted to master his German race.”( The Nazi
state and Hitler had terrorized Homosexuals into sexual and social discomfort
because of his fear of the inhabitliy of reproduction. ( Gay
men in particular were a subject to harassment , arrest, incarceration, and
castration. In Nazi eyes gay men were weak, and unfit to be soldiers as well as
unlikely to have children and thereby contribute to the racial struggle for
Aryana dominance. ( us paragraph 1).  “Under paragraph 175 of the
criminal code male homosexuality was illegal in Germany. There was an estimated
100,000 homosexual men.” ( paragraph6).  Many of these men were
sent to concentration camps just

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