Mechanical reason why mechanical engineering is suitable for me

Mechanical engineering is a type of job where you work at offices, architectural firms and government agencies the reason why mechanical engineering is important is because we need more new products and a lot of a new machines so life problems could be solved much faster and it would be much more easy. They also design new ideas for some architectural purposes the way they do it is by using a  designing software in the computer computer aided design (CAD). The reason why mechanical engineering is suitable for me is because I took a survey on computer called career cruising and the reason why I got mechanical engineering is because I like physics, i can apply it problems and try to find new solutions. Using mathematics to solve technical or scientific problem. Learning how machines work, and many more reasons. Mechanical engineer also work on testing new machines and design machines using blueprints. “Most mechanical engineers earn between $54,000 and $131,000 a year. The median income is around $84,000 a year. Their earnings depend on their experience and expertise.The highest salaries tend to go to design specialists. Supervisors or managers can also earn more. At this level, they can earn more than $150,000 a year”. The salary depends on the place where you stay. For example, if you stay in california the cost of living increases as the taxes are high and the cost of a house increases as it has warm weather much more advantages. A person with a bachelor’s degree would earn less compared to a person who has a masters degree or a PhD. “Most full-time engineers get benefits along with a salary. These often include health coverage and paid vacation and sick days. Many receive a pension plan as well. Some engineers get regular bonuses based on how well they perform.” “You need at least a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering to work in this field. You may also get a job with a degree in a closely related field. Electrical engineering is a good example. For some jobs, however, you need a master’s degree or a PhD. These include senior positions or advanced research and development jobs.”  A bachelor degree usually 4 years to earn. A master’s degree takes about one or two years and 4 and 5 years  to get a PhD. In college you work on project which have field of  thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and materials science. If you take classes in business it well help high levels like senior manager and supervisor positions. “To work as a professional engineer (PE), you must be licensed. To qualify, you must complete an accredited engineering program. You’ll have to work for several years, supervised by a licensed engineer. After this, you need to pass two exams”.