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31 January 2018

D. Rockefeller

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            John Rockefeller
had a wife named Cottie and she died in 1915 at age 75. As John got older he
relaxed more he did activities like golfing, washing cars, hand out dimes and
nickels and he liked to listen to music. Soon by the 1920s everyone loved him. He
loved to visit his friends and family sitting on the porch. Rockefeller died at
the age of 97 on May 23, 1937 in Florida and buried in Cleveland.

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John Davison Rockefeller was born in Richford, New York, on July
8, 1839, then he moved with his family to Cleveland, Ohio at the age of 14. By
the time Rockefeller was 20 he opened his own business with a partner. He was
very good at his job working as a Commission Merchant in hay, meats, grains,
and other goods. The very first year his company was in business, it grossed
$450,000. A good business move by Rockefeller was his decision to open an oil
refinery near Cleveland. His first refinery was opened in 1863 and after two
year it became the largest in the area.

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            In 1863
Rockefeller joined the oil industry by partnering with several others and
buying a refinery. A couple years later he bought out his partners. By the end
of the 1960s, he was growing his oil industry by offering kerosene, which was a
staple during that time. Soon he had new partners of which one was his younger
brother. The company, Standard Oil, monopolized the industry by purchasing
competitor companies. Standard Oil controlled almost 90 percent of the oil industry.

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D Rockefeller was raised a Baptist and he was a great supporter of education
and research. Throughout his lifetime he donated millions of dollars to the
University of Chicago. He also founded the Rockefeller Institute for Medical
Research as well as Spelman College. His $550 million-dollar contribution to
the Rockefeller Foundation played an important role in training for arts,
public health, and medical training. John D. Rockefeller became the world’s
first billionaire and he utilized the worlds natural resources to build his
business to become a billionaire. He began his career as a small trader of
commodities. Over the next 25 years, he bought and built companies and around
1870, the Standard Oil Company has become a monopoly.

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D. Rockefeller was raised by his father who was a farmer. His family life growing
up was difficult because his father had illegitimate children and multiple
wives. At the age of 16, Rockefeller found his first job as a book keeper
making fifty cents per day. He was determined to grow up and be a better man
than his father. He taught Sunday School and worked hard at his job. Later in
life, he began to build his career in oil companies.