Mark cares about environment, contributes to philanthropy, and handles

Mark Zuckerberg – the ethical
leader I admire


            Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of
Facebook, the largest social networking site in the world. Today, Facebook has
over 1.7 billion active users and Zuckerberg’s net worth is estimated at
US$55.3 billion. Most of the people of his age are still trying to figure out
their directions in life whereas Mark Zuckerberg is already the world’s most
successful leader. He is an ethical business leader I most admire. His ethical
leadership is the most important factor to set standards within Facebook and to
guide his employees. The leadership style affects the way Facebook operates and
how the company interacts with its employee, customer, the community, and shareholders.
His ethical leadership is an individual charisma and he represent a role model
to influence people around world. I admire him because of the way he gets along
with employees, cares about environment, contributes to philanthropy, and
handles crisis dilemma.

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            Leaders are the soul of the organizations.
Zuckerberg is such a leader who can influence the behavior of his employees
even the organization’s culture. As we all know, Facebook is regarded as a
company that values innovation and creativity. It has a flatter hierarchy and favors
openness and friendly competition. Facebook cares about employee autonomy.
Employees are encouraged to work on projects that they are interested in. Contributions
are more important than rank or experience. The atmosphere of the company makes
people feel more included in the company decisions, and better understand where
the company is headed. He is popular among his employees. He never appears
angry in front of his employees but maintains calm. As a result, his associates
admire him and his employees feel comfortable and interested during their work.
That is the reason why every year thousands of graduates are looking forward to
joining Facebook to start their careers. It is not only because of salary, but
also because of the culture. It proves that Zuckerberg’s ethical leadership can
bring positive outcomes for both Facebook and the employees. In contrast, if a leader
is unethical, his behavior will harm his employees’ motivation and even hinder
the development of the company. For example, Enron was an American energy giant
and world fortune 500 company, and Andersen used to be one of the five largest
auditing firm in the world. Due to the collusion and false accounting, both of
them announced bankruptcy in the end. It was the biggest bankruptcy case in
American history. The lack of ethics of the management caused the problem, and
result led to a negative impact on both their employees and shareholders, even
the society. That is why I admire Zuckerberg, because an ethical leader can lead
the company and the employees to the correct direction and build a positive
company culture.