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Margaret Wente in the article,” Our Precious Little Snowflakes”, argues about millennials lacking resiliency saying as generation we are too soft and not ready for the real world. Though my generation is described as Gen Z ( born 1995 and after), most of what is said by Wente is unfortunately applied to us too. A lot of the blame is put on parents as they try to shield their children from reality and assure them that everything is going the be okay. I personally would have to disagree with Wente’s assessment of millennials. Evidence from secondary sources as well as personal experiences leads me to believe that our generation (Gen Z) as post-millenials are in fact a very resilient and very capable group of individuals. Resiliency is defined as the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. As a highschool student preparing for post-secondary, having resiliency is the greatest asset. There have been many instances throughout my life in which I have felt the urge to give up and move on. An example of this is in grade ten math class when we did our quadratics unit test. I had studied for the test but was not confident whatsoever. In the end I handed the test in attempting only 3 questions of which two of them were completely wrong. I had gotten a three out of fifty on that test and I was devastated. My teacher had told me to reconsider staying in the class and possibly my future occupation, but I, for some reason, did not give up and stayed in that class. Fast forward to grade twelve where I am applying for engineering and doing well in math. From that experience, I have grown to be very resilient and it has served me well. It is not just me I believe as a whole we are a resilient generation, as I have witnessed the people in my grade all working hard, stepping up to challenges everyday. It is easy for people to think that we post-millennials have it easy, thriving in an era of advanced technology available at our fingertips, and therefore has made us lazy and soft. In reality, we are more hard working and ” a lot more adaptable ” (Kingwell 3) than other generations are or were at our age. It is evident now as universities and colleges have became difficult and the workplace insanely competitive. This puts enormous pressure on us post-millennials to work harder and despite any failures, keep going. Wente argued that having helicopter parents makes us too dependent and as a result have become accustomed to them doing everything for us. Having helicopter parents actually has positive benefits to our generation as we know a lot about them just as they know everything about us. This allows us to easily pick up on the successes and failures of our parents; what they did right and what they did wrong. For example Gen Z “will be wary with their money. After seeing their parents lose jobs…this generation will avoid debt” (Anatole).This shows that we benefit from our helicopter parents as it allows us to be better prepared for the future. We post-millenials are like beavers, both hardworking and restless. I believe that my generation, Gen Z also known as the post-millennials are a very resilient age-group. My personal experiences as well as evidence from secondary sources show that Gen Z are hardworking and persistent. In a day and age where everything has become so competitive and difficult and failures are inevitable, us post-millennials are able to push through. Living in an era surging with technology, information is within our grasp which makes us very adaptable, quickly picking up on new information. Also having helicopter parents has proved to be positive on us as we are able to learn from their mistakes. Therefore, us resilient post-millennials are sure to make the future bright as we are a force to be reckoned with.