Many student’s first language is the language of instruction

Many linguistic groups become sounds about the need to ensure that the smallest of their clans keep their language in their mouths. In some states, such as the Philippines, recently adopted language-based policies based on the first language of the children. The articles of UNESCO (2008b) are convinced to increase the interest of mother-tongue learning, and the different models, tools, and resources currently developed and tested to improve native language learning programs. 

UNESCO encouraged education in the mother
tongue in 1953 and UNESCO illustrates the benefits of the initial mother
tongue: Children are more likely to enroll and succeed in school. Parents are
more likely to be contacted by teachers and participate in their child’s
education; girls and boys with limited English language development  and children in many languages ??appear to
develop good thinking skills compared to the Some educators believe that countries where the student’s
first language is the language of instruction are likely to achieve EFA goals.
Research also indicates that the involvement of marginalized children in
schools through trilingual

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 language instruction (MTP) is a successful model .We have begun to answer some key questions: Circumstances and resources with which mother tongue education combined with multilingual education can be effective as children become proficient in their mother tongue while laying the foundation for learning in additional languages?

What are the costs and benefits of
alternative approaches directed towards the individual, family, community,
school, region and nation? What are the useful and effective ways to measure
costs and benefits? What are the implications of MTML for hiring, teaching and
guiding teachers and teacher assistants and creating and evaluating curriculum
in a diverse language classroom? What are the contributions of the family and
society in formal and informal MT-ML, and how can they be measured?


A wide range of caliphs feel tremendous and
less lucky for many Pakistanis among the people of Pakistan’s different fields
and the growing economic disagreement. The feeling of non-equality ends. It is
not surprising that Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) has welcomed “an
educational system for all its views”. Is this really a possible solution?
An educational system for all?

Impossible! Former education minister and
Dr. Dr. Hamid Khurroor announced that parents should decide to decide what the
education system would benefit from their children.

“PTI wants to end up avoiding
divisions,” explains Dr. Arif Alvi, MDA of Justice Justice.