Many at a young age after his dad died

Many authors write from an abundance of information.  Mark Twain (also known as Samuel Clemens) used his life experiences to create timeless stories.    Mark Twain’s book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was influenced by his childhood, family culture, and friends. “Mark Twain was born in Florida, Missouri, November 30, 1835”  (Sweets).   At age 4, his family moved to Hannibal, Missouri.  This move would be life changing.Hannibal was a port town that fed into the Mississippi River.  Mark Twain worked as a riverboat pilot while living in Hannibal.  (Sweets).  As a kid, Mark (Twain) paid attention to details and was quick on remembering things (Sweets).  And, Twain also worked as an apprentice for the newspaper that Orion Clemens (his brother) owned.   All of these experiences and the people he met contributed to his writing (Sweets). “Twain was a bystander of slaves when he was a kid. In other words, he supportedslavery.” (Mark Twain). ” Twain based himself in the  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,  as Sam, with some traces of his childhood friends.” (Mark Twain). Although he only had 2 brothers and 1 sister, Mark Twain  was one out of 7 and one unborn” (Interesting Facts).”He went to school but dropped out at a young age after his dad died and had to support the family as a child.”  (Interesting Facts). “Twain lived in Hannibal from 4 years old to 17 years old and had some impacts from that.”   ( “Mark didn’t have a good education as a kid so wasn’t he wasn’t  able to spell right and use proper grammar and punctuation: therefore, he went to one of his jobs as a kid at his local library and educated himself. (”  “Twain educated himself in a public libary after having to drop out due to his father’s death.”  (Mark Twain) Family culture also influenced Mark Twain’s writing.  “Twain’s family bought over 70,000 acres.” ( Samuel Longhorn Clemens). “Some people consider Mark’s language offensive and crude, but to his family it was just a part of his life.  ( Samuel Longhorn Clemens)  “Twain never saw his father laugh or cry (no emotions)” ( . “His family were considered confederates, and he joined the confederate army,   But later his unit was disbanded.”  (Interesting Facts)  “Mark lived in Virginia and moved to all southern states which I would think would  have an effect on him and his family and their views. (had an effect)”  (Mark Twain) All of that most have impacted his books that he wrote and the way he thinks.V. Places he visited,  “Twain traveled in south america and experienced black culture.  (Samuel longhorn Clemens) Which gave him an insight into black culture and salivary.  “Twain visited bermuda survival time after his before was waning and died after visiting. (Samuel longhorn Clemens) “Twain explored the American soul with wit, buoyancy, and a sharp eye for truth. He became nothing less than a national treasure.”  (”Some places in the adventures of tom sawyer, And the Adventures of huckleberry finn we in real places but all were brutal and happy at the same time had bordem with friends with him.” ( “At 34 he packed his bag and headed to North Carolina.”  (Interesting Facts) VI. Friends,   “Twain recalled being called out for acting out due to his friends and was warned,  “Mark Based all of the people in the book “The adventures of tom sawyer” off of real people in his childhood. (Friends had an influence in his life.) (Sweets).  “Sam Sawyer Was Mark as a kid, with traces of some of his friends” (Sweets).  Twain wrote separate stories on huckleberry finn and tom salyer on different friends mixed with some of his attributes.” (  In  “Some places in the adventures of tom sawyer, And the Adventures of huckleberry finn we in real places but all were brutal and happy at the same time had bordem with friends with him.” (  All the places he visited was a major impacts on all the books he wrote.      In  conclusion, Mark Twain( Samuel Clemens) book- The Adventures of Tom Sawyer -was influenced by mark childhood, Places he visited, And friends. Twain is similar to me acting mischievous, Fun, Has a lot of different friends, has different family opinions, Lost family members. But knows his limits and the beauty of the world. (“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” -Mark Twain)  (Mark Twain’s quotes).