Making software developers face when they developing the software

Making a software is
not easy. It requires a lot of time and effort to release the finishing
product. The developers are under pressure to release bug-free applications on
time for a lower cost. Poor performance and cost limitations make a bad quality
product. Due to this, software organizations face unethical and unlawful
performances to fulfil their aim. There are some ethical issues that commonly
software developers face when they developing the software system. Using
illegal software to complete the work and not addressing to known bugs are
major violence. Privacy issues also are ethical issues faced. Reverse engineering code to discover
out how a procedure works and sometimes the software are attacked by dangerous
malwares, worms,
viruses, Trojans, DOS, and DDOS Attacks which affects the software badly. As a
conclusion to overcome the issues it is best to use source code that is easily available to the
user either through licensed, public domain or copyrighted or credited. The
programmer have to follow the regulations as specified in the GPL (General
Public License) or LGPL (Library General Public License). Due to plagiarism
issues in copying the code, the Digital Media Copyright Act (DMCA) therefore
says if someone publishes on the web the text is automatically copyrighted.
This may become a main issue for developers. Due to cost limitation, many
organization rely on illegal software license. Companies can take an
effective approach to prevent theft. Reverse engineering has allowed legal
implications. There are issues with reverse engineering in terms of security so
therefore it is essential to develop a project with reverse engineering which
is essential. Software companies do not focus mostly on quality assurance
testing resulting in failures. The bugs and errors caused create a big loss for
companies. As a result, it’s best to test and debug if there are errors or not.
Incase if there is an error then they should be solved soon. Malicious software
and other attacks also cause issues and can be prevented by some anti-virus or
malware protection.  ACS code affords a
guideline to agreement with the privacy issue. They ban a project manager or
developers from placing personal, business or sectional interest above those of
public or clients (ACS, 2005).


Assign project to a compliance officer to confirm that the
licenses are being used right, perfect quality assurance, checking errors before
the software launches and publishing ethical guidelines on software development
and use are few solving problems in ethical consideration. Codes of ethics make
sure that in all these judgments concerns for health, welfare, and safety of
the public care of appropriately and can be used. We should trust and respect. IT
professional societies are Australian Computer Societies (ACS), British
Computer Society (BCS), and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).  Codes of ethics will help the project
managers or developers to stay decide on the right development of action for
ordinary situations. They help them make decisions on those situations where
black and white moral judgment might not be applicable.

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A software developer cannot do the job right without the
proper tools and functions. There are number of development tools designed to
make it significantly simpler to write good programming code and help you make
programming code even better to develop.  Software developers have a huge selection of
libraries, functions, and applications at their removal. In the given system,
there were some tools used to achieve software carpentry and codemanship. Metro
2.0 web service is one of the tool used which is a high performance, reliable,
secured and easy to use service stack. The functions used are web service and
web service client. Java being the most famous programming languages in the
world, released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems which were later developed by Oracle
Corporation was used as another essential tool. It has embedding and processing
abilities and is a program language with a fixed library of reusable software
elements well-organized. It is portable and potential, so that any program can run
on any platform which supports Java without requiring to recompile. JDK (Java
Development Kit) is used to develop Java software applets and applications
which includes Java Complier, Java Runtime Environment, and Java APIs. NetBeans
IDE – Integrated Development Environment is used for code completion, refactoring
and syntax checking. It provides a widespread array of structures such as
converters, editors and code analyzers that help programs to implement the
latest Java tools. It is an open source and differentiates itself via coming
with things which include Maven and GIT integration out of container.

Figure 127- Netbeans interface

Database used for the system is MySQL Wamp Server. MySQL is used
to display database designing and modeling right of entry instrument.

Figure 128-WAMP Server

 Servlet and JSP is also
used in the system. A java servlet is a java class extending HTTP Servlet
class. Java Server Pages is commonly called as JSP, is a Java related tools
that make simpler the developing of dynamic web sites. JSP pages are HTML pages
with embedded code that permits to access information from Java code running on
the server. Apache Tomcat which is mostly well-known servlet and is a web
server and implementation of Java Servlet and JSP APIs and it is created
through Apache Software Foundation under Apache Software License will create a
servlet. Apache Tomcat is the web server used for the system. JUnit is used as
the testing framework which is an open source structure that helps developers
write and run tests. NetBeans is a sophisticated integrated development
environment which supports various languages such as Java, PHP, C++, HTML5 and
C. NetBeans provides a GUI builder, a text or code editor, a compiler and a

NetBeans has many features like automated code system
generating facility which improves the development efficiency. It also has an automated comment generating process
where the system improves readability. It also displays error lines because
very often programmers make mistakes so with this benefit, its very easy to
detect the mistake and solve it.


Figure 129-Detecting error

Figure 130-Feature of NetBeans


















ABC Software Company needed a user friendly web based
application using Java and other essential tools. The system is developed using
NetBeans. The management decided to implement an
application to make their work easier. There are mainly five types of
users in this system given functionalities to work on. The system includes structures
like multiple login, insert, and search, delete and update project and user
information, report list, newsletters and etc. With the help of series of
research, I was able to have a wide knowledge and good experience to complete
this system and documentation. By doing all the tasks above made it easier to
know how to build an effective application software for a company.

The system provides a graphical user interface, which helps
all the users to do their tasks. It also generates report lists and send
newsletters. Future enhancements for this project can be also created where the
performance of each project can be better analyzed and by using this resource
allocation can be done efficiently.