Love himself, he didn’t care really if there was

Love is a very difficult objective, many people view love as a feeling rather than a goal, something that you have to work extremely hard for to achieve. Brother in Scarlet Ibis weighs a huge toll on Doodle because he demands for Doodle to be like every other boy. Even though his intentions were mostly pure,  Brother put him into a tough situation as he could hardly keep up even though he never communicated anything. Doodle was born with extremely sensitive skin as well as the inability to walk due to the lack of muscles to support himself. The root of all evil here is that he was attempting to change Doodle for the better. Brother, even though he did hold resentment towards Doodle at the beginning, was only trying to love, support and progress Doodle, however the “love and support” that was being shown was more of a forceful learning experience rather than sentimental care. Through his compassion, Brother’s true ill intent shone through into the end when he decided to abandon the brother of which he supposedly cared for. He ran away as his brother called out for him. No matter if he regretted it or not, he still did it. However, even though he did go back to check on him, it was already after his true self was exposed. Brother tried to appear as a caring brother, teaching him how to walk, to swim and to row, etc. When in reality everything that he was doing was for his own good, to have a normal brother that could keep up with the rest. He wanted normal brother and if he couldn’t get that, he would change the brother that he had to have a “normal brother”. Even though there were some benefits to Brother’s actions, most of his overall results were negative. He taught Doodle how to walk, but then he left him in the dust when he knew he couldn’t take that amount of physical action without breaks. Even after teaching him how to walk, something that should be absolutely momentous all he could think about is how once they knew HE taught him and that they “finally” started hugging him. He did it all for recognition, not for the best of his brother. He loved the attention more than he truly loved his brother. He was obviously neglected attention because of his disabled brother. Since every action he ever took was just for himself, he didn’t care really if there was a negative. He looked passed Doodle’s illnesses and solely focused on the fact that he wanted to get this done, because it was for he himself. He looked at Doodle’s illnesses as just mere obstacles towards getting there. The love that he was giving doodle was slowly poisoning him, it might have looked like the relationship was to better the other person, however, it was doing the complete opposite. Doodle would never admit that what his brother is doing is physically hurting him as well as him not mentally being prepared for the struggles he is going to have to face to do what his brother wants. He loves his brother but is partially in turn hurting himself even though it all comes down to who started it in the beginning. Brother did turn back for Doodle, he did end up caring, but only when the pure result of his actions wore a toll on him because of Doodle’s death did he actually realize all of what he did wrong. It took his death for Brother’s mind to actually register the fact that what he was doing was wrong. His love hurt Doodle more than it did him good