Living and basketball have been my two greatest improvements

Living a long and healthy life requires more than just good luck. People all over the world go to gyms and like to exercise for different reasons. Some think that maintaining their fitness will just aim at their physical image, but being physically active will help control their overall health by improving the body’s function and preventing sickness. Being physically active is the key to being physically and mentally fit, and helps people become a more balanced, physically fit person. They will not only stay healthier, but will be happier, live longer, and also sleep better. This will help boost a person’s mental outlook, and also increase their self-esteem. Physical fitness is one of the most important steps to a healthy body.Physical activity and exercise have always played a large roll in my life. When I was younger I participated in town soccer, fishing, skiing, and all elementary school sport including soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, and track and field. Currently, I participate daily in phys ed, soccer 5-7 times per week, swim often, fishing every other month, school sports including basketball, soccer, work out occasionally, and I go out for walks with my dogs at least 3 times a week. Soccer and basketball have been my two greatest improvements and challenges in my active life. Soccer has always been and always will be my sport. I’m captain of my team and play main positions on the field but I didn’t start out like this. I started out as a scared little girl who runs away from the ball and was always afraid to take a shot. With the help of some extra practice and motivational support, I conquered the sport and look at me now. Basketball, on the other hand, hasn’t always been my best but I really enjoy playing it. It was a very different and hard-working experience this year because I’ve never had real basketball coaches before and I really liked it. There was always someone in my corner pushing me to do and be better.  Benefits that I have gained from having an active life, other than physical are leadership and team skills. I teach soccer and basketball with my older brother, which have helped me with gaining leadership. I have also taken part in multiple team sports throughout my life, which has made me a team player and helped me to work well with others. Another benefit is that I have gained more friends from meeting people on team sports. I plan on continuing my active lifestyle by continuing to play in and outside school sports until I graduate. Also, I’m team captain again this year and that will keep me active for the next few years hopefully! I will also stay active by continuing to work out, go for walks, fishing, swimming, skiing, and playing soccer of course. I believe that I have a very healthy, active lifestyle and I plan to keep it that way!  (502 words)