Literature The study found that students think the solution

Literature Review By: Laiba Shaikh Mental health and rising stress and anxiety among twelfth gradersIntroduction: The topic I’ve chosen to explore is how anxiety and stress affects the academic performance of twelfth graders. My research question: How does anxiety affect academic achievement in grade 12 students in the GTA? will help me learn the importance of mental health and how stress levels among high schoolers, particularly students in the twelfth grade, are rising, as well as what common solutions students are drifting to. Students with anxiety disorders are not getting the help they deserve.            University, C. (n.d.). Mental Health and Academic Achievement in Youth PDF.The purpose of this study is to find out how many students in a classroom do feel high levels of stress and how they react to it. The study states that there are four to five students struggling with a mental illness preventing from succeeding in the classroom setting. The study found that students think the solution to the rise in stress is not mindfulness but missing school and not handing in assignments.The findings in this article are that when students aren’t given the proper attention at home, they bring that neglect and negative energy to school and engage in fights and become hateful and rude. Students experiencing neglect and anxiety say that they have great difficulty completing school work and fall behind in their assignments and end up doing bad in their classes A statistic that I found while reading this article was that only 32% of students dealing with a serious mental illness continue onto post secondary education. I can infer that other students who don’t receive help find solutions that have a negative impact on their well being. That means they find solutions like alcohol, drugs and in some extreme cases, suicide. I also found out that abou 32% of students in high school, particularly students in the twelfth grade,  have an anxiety disorder and that means that there is one third of depressed youth. About 13% decide not to attend college as their health prevents them from succeeding. The limitations of this article are that this study was conducted in the United States of America and not Canada. That means that the students are exposed to different environments and have different situations at home. I can also draw the conclusion that the students have different priorities and different social lives than students in Canada. I think that there is more violence in the US and there are also more young people in gangs. This is another factor for students lives to change and stress to increase. Another limitation is that this study was conducted on a small group of students in South Carolina, a place where suicide rates are up by 2%. This is another factor for the stress to rise in the lives of teenagers. This article helps my research question because it examines a group of students in high school who are dealing with anxiety. It tells me that statistics of  what the situation is of students dealing with anxiety and how they react to the high level of stress. It tells me that they are not getting the help they deserve and that isn’t right. There should be institutions and services in both countries to help students deal with the stress.2. Both males and females experience stress and it has a negative impact on their life. Young women speak out and are more affected by stress than young males. One-third of Ontario students report elevated psychological distress, CAMH survey shows. (n.d.). Retrieved January 14, 2018, from purpose of this study is to educate those who are unaware of the negative impacts high level of stress can have on your body. It shows you that the levels of stress are on the rise. It was a survey released by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. It states that one third of Ontario students from grades seven to twelve say that they felt a great amount of distress all because of stress.The findings in this article are that there is rise of psychological distress among students attending high school. It found that girls and young women are twice as likely than boys to report symptoms of depression and anxiety. I can infer that this is because girls are more open with they problems and emotions whereas boys and young men have to prove that they are strong and macho. They do this by creating a wall and keeping their feelings all bottled up. They aren’t even allowed to cry or they will be treated badly. The study showed that girls are 46 per cent likely to express how they are feeling but boys are just 23 per cent. Boys have great difficulty expressing how they feel and 1 in 5 boys have an anger disorder. This means that because they are keeping all their emotions inside, slowly they are erupting and taking out their anger on others. The study also found that girls are twice as likely to experience stress and not take action Instead they have suicidal thoughts and become depressed. They may even turn to drugs and substance abuse. The limitations of this article are that this study was conducted on 10, 429 students of all age groups, ethnicities and outlooks on life. This means that the data was stretched and is more than what I was looking for. I also think that because this was done in all of Ontario, it isn’t accurate because I’m looking for just the GTA. The students have different perspectives and this is contributing to their levels of stress. If they have different values than they prioritize things differently and impacts their mental health.This article helps my research question because it helps me learn statistics and helps me understand why girls are more likely to experience stress than boys. It helps me understand that there are different reasons for stress to be apart of your life. There are also two different types of stress. There is a healthy kind that is good for you and there is a unhealthy kind that is bad for you. If you have too much of the bad kind, it has a negative effect on your body and causes you to make unhealthy choices about your lifestyle and your personal life. This study is different from others because it analyzes the lifestyle of each student and their priorities. It helps you to figure out the causes of stress for each student and even gives possible answers some of the student have used to solve the issue. 3.Students often miss school because of anxiety and depression.Beattie, S. (2017, November 14). Almost half of Ontario youth miss school because of anxiety, study suggests. Retrieved January 19, 2018, from The purpose of this article is to make others more aware of the impacts stress and anxiety can have on the lives of young students. It shows you that one in four Ontario parents have missed work to care for their child that was dealing with a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression. The findings in this article are that 18 years old are missing school because of their mental health. The definition of mental health is not clearly expressed in the article.  This means they are unwell or scared to go out and go on with their routine. It is preventing them from achieving their goals and succeeding academically.In my opinion, succeeding academically means being happy while in school, getting good grades and being involved in the school environment. 46 percent of the students have missed school because of anxiety. This means that students can’t go to school because they constantly feel worried and nervous. This stops them from living their life and reaching their potential. The study examines adults aged 18-34. 40 percent did seek help when they figured they needed it and were ready to share their problems and stories with someone else. The study also found out that 50 percent of those seeking help found it very hard to express their feelings. The limitations of this study are that this study was conducted on adults aged 18-34. That means that I received data that was more than I needed so it could be inaccurate. I needed daat that was just about 12th graders and I got some that was about adults who may be attending post-secondary. I also think that majority of this data was about males and very few females. It means that it is biased because most of it is about one gender and not the other.This article helps my research question because it is about the effect of anxiety and depression. It shows you what a negative impact depression and anxiety can have on your life. It prevents you from doing the things you like to do and you start blaming yourself. It stops you from living your life and being happy in life. It also shows you that it impacts the life of the parents or caregivers because they start to worry and it can affect their health as well. It doesn’t just affect the one experiencing the anxiety, it affects their family and loved ones.4.The options available for help for students dealing with psychological distress. School Mental Health Study. (2015, August 10). Retrieved January 19, 2018, from purpose of this study is to educate others about the various organizations and help options that are available to those in need. Some of the institutions really change the lives of the one who is hurting and is experiencing the anxiety or depression. These organizations have helped many and continue to do so.The findings is this article are 11 percent said they needed assistance in resolving concerns they had regarding their well being.  I can infer that the other 89 percent either were to scared to speak out or that they believe time will heal the wounds. I think that if those who need the help don’t ask then no one will know and that isn’t good because it creates an even larger problem. Of those that asked for help, 56 percent received it. It doesn’t specify if they were satisfied or what changes it brought to their lifestyle.Some of the issues that the students asked for help were financial issues and were mostly female. This once again brings me to the point that males weren’t opening up about the issues and this means that they didn’t get the help they deserved. 44 percent would try and find help at school and that means that the other would either find hep at an organization outside of school or they wouldn’t find help at all. I think students are unaware of the many options that are available at school. If they were advertised in a way that would appeal to teenagers, maybe the options would be more successful.   A limitation of this study is that this study was conducted on students whose average age was 16. That means it was about 10th graders and not 12th graders. It still has valuable information that could be used to answer my question.This information source is valuable to my research question because it is about how many people take action to gear their life towards the right direction. A direction of change that is for the better. They want their life to be better and they wish to be happy. The information that was obtained when doing the study is that about half of those experiencing anxiety and depression came forward and realized that the life they were living was not healthy. I think that the half that did not believed that it would be no use and that isn’t beneficial to them because they will continue to live their life in the dark. 5.  Stress comes in the way of being a kid and living life to the fullest. Zafar, A. (2016, July 21). High anxiety, distress levels in teens counter ‘prime of life’ image. Retrieved January 19, 2018, from The purpose of this article is to inform young minds that stress shouldn’t come in the way of you being a kid and it shouldn’t stop you from living your life. It also shows you that there are many options for help if you are in need and you should always remember that you aren’t alone. The findings in this article are that more than one in three students in Ontario attending highschool feel stressed almost all the time. This means that this gets in the way of doing the things they love to do. It prevents them from doing what makes them happy and has a negative impact on their personal life. This study, conducted by CAMH surveyed about 10,000 students that were attending high school in Ontario. It stated that 66 percent of the students health was “excellent or very good.” In just two years, the amount of those experiencing high levels went from 24 percent to 34 percent, a jump of 10 percent! This means that more young people are experiencing stress and it is affecting their performance academically. 20 percent of those in a course such as math, science and english reported that they started failing the class because their health was preventing them from doing the assignments. The study also stated one in five students started visiting a professional to help them cope with the stress. The limitation of this article is that this study was conducted on students starting from grade 7 all the way to grade 12. This means that I have extra data that could be misleading. It could either be a small or big portion of twelfth graders. It doesn’t give statistic for each grader but instead as a collective groupThis study conducts to my research question because it relates to the topic of stress and has statistics on how many people actually take action towards the stress. It also shows that some don’t let it get in the way of their life and them being a kid. They have a long life to live and stress shouldn’t stop you or be an obstacle in your path6. Depression and anxiety leads to a shorter life. Rapaport, L. (2017, October 25). Depression leads to shorter lifespan: Canadian study. Retrieved January 19, 2018, from purpose of this study is to find out why depression and anxiety lead to a shorter life.Could it be because the human body can’t handle the stress and it gives up? Or could it be because the anxiety and depression is left untreated? I think this study helps explore the reasons that depression and anxiety cause a shorter life.The findings of this article are that  depression ends the lives of women early and states that it is very important to find a solution early in the problem so that you can solve the issue before it becomes out of hand and also prevent it from returning.  I can infer that women are more likely to die early because they care too much about what others will think and have a fear of other people finding out.  If this pattern continues, then depression will win. We need to unite and be accepting of other people’s problems. If we are more open and understanding, it will help save the lives of many people, both men and women. The effects of depression and anxiety are poor diet, smoking and drinking, These all have a negative effect on many lifestyles and will go further into the problem. More young and old people think it is okay to do that to your body and still life a painless and long life. But that is not the case. The study was conducted on 3,410 adults aged 18 to 50. A limitation of this study was that it followed each participant for 19 years after school. The cause of the stress could be financial issues or career problems. It doesn’t give data about high school and that could be inaccurate. It also shows a big age group and that prevents me from obtaining data that is accurate and precise.This data is valuable and connects to my research question because it shows you what a possible end to depression is. It tells you that if you don’t act now and wait for the problem to go away, it will only get bigger and that isn’t the answer. It also shows you that depression and stress go hand in hand. They don’t disappear overnight and as time goes on, they will slowly take away all the things you love and make you unhappy. 7. There is an increase in levels of anxiety and depression among young people. Number of Ontario teens with psychological distress rising at alarming rate: study. (2017, March 24). Retrieved January 19, 2018, from The purpose of this article is to educate and find ways to end depression and anxiety. It states that the number of teenagers that reside in Ontario are experiencing high levels of stress and it’s only risen since two  years. It also states that one third of the students have severe symptoms of stress and it’s having a negative effect on their overall well being. The findings of this study are that twelfth graders attending high school were 4x more likely than those in the seventh grade to have a great amount of stress in their lives. Most of which comes from tests, quizzes and exams. They want to get into universities and have a good future. This anxiety is all due to school and they are worried about their academic performance. The study also stated that the twelfth graders were twice as likely to give their health as poor or fair. This means that students recognize an issue is present and believe it needs to be resolved before it gets out of hand. Twelfth graders also had thought of suicide and believed their life isn’t worth living. This highlights a possible effect of depression and anxiety. Once again this study states that girls were more likely than boys to reach out and ask for help. The study also talks about how much sleep twelfth graders get. They were three times less likely to get a full 10 hours of sleep and would also be getting less than the recommended 1.5 hours of exercise that was necessary to live a long and healthy life. It also states that they spent more time on their phones and on social media. These are all things that affect mental health. A limitation of this study was that it studies more than one age. It follows both 11th and 12th graders. It is beneficial to me because it examines each age group and gives me accurate data but also included some unnecessary information such as their hobbies and their hopes and dreams. This study is useful to my research question because it examines twelfth graders and gives me accurate data that can can be trusted. I liked how there was a lot of information and it even shines a light on how well students with high levels of stress performed on big tests and assignments.  This information is also useful because it gives me facts about sleeping, eating and exercise of  twelfth graders. These are all factors that affect mental health.8.  Students are more aware and open to ideas that will benefit and resolve the issue of their high level of stress. Communications, N. W. (n.d.). NYU Study Examines Top High School Students’ Stress and Coping Mechanisms. Retrieved January 19, 2018, from