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Lin Sinus 1 in 2012 called attention to that PC correspondence organize has turned into a basic piece of social generation and life, and it has been broadly utilized as a part of different ventures. At display, it has entered into each edge of the world. Shorthand R A 2 in 2013 suggested that PC arrange security issues emerge with the advancement of the system. Institutionalization and receptiveness of the system, encourage the operations; in the interim, it likewise prompts a pattern of quick development of the system security episodes, which causes awesome misfortune. Li Min 3 in 2015 set forward that programmer assaults, PC infections and dissent of administration assaults are the three primary dangers to PC organize security. With the headway of PC arrange, the assault mode changes from framework based assault to organize based assault. Ramirez I S 4 in 2014 felt that with the change of assault devices, regardless of whether the assailant does not secure proficient information, they can likewise entire the assault procedure. Tchaikovsky A G 5 in 2013 clarified that PC organize security evaluation is a supplement to the security instrument, which builds the insurance of the framework inside and out. Notwithstanding, there are still a few troubles in the innovation of PC arrange security evaluation. Most items have certain issues, and the advancement requires more cooperation and endeavors of specialized staff. In view of this, as per applicable residential and remote speculations and research comes about, the security dangers and the guard instrument of PC arrange are considered. Segment 2 talks about the advancement status of PC organize security assessment and the hypothesis of astute calculations. Segment 3 proposes the PC organize security assessment show in view of swarm knowledge calculation in perspective of the current issues. Area 4 does the reproduction examination. The exploration procedure and conclusions are outlined in area 5. With the present innovation foundation, in the dynamic and complex system condition, organize security circumstance evaluation can be looked with the present system security circumstance and powerful quantitative appraisal, auspicious mirror the security status of the objective system. So as to accomplish powerful control of the executive, the status of system security be focused to decrease the system assault on bearing the system itself and its business misfortunes, viably enhance the system security administration abilities.